Dedicated to all MANOLO's owners... POST PICS!!!

  1. I know Ihad my doubts about these from earlier pictures but latest picture of label looks okay I was just worried by the cuts around the label box and lack of stitching.
    London labels are still used for London exclusive shoes.

    I also seem to recall seeing something like these in one of the Manolo drawing books from his very early days working with John Galliano but am away at moment so cannot check
  2. no, but they're cute, congrats :biggrin:
  3. I'm getting so excited... patiently waiting for my two pairs of MB Hangisi to arrive in the mail!!!!
  4. Going to wear my Manolo Blahnik Breda shoes on Friday night but need to decide what dress to wear - see my thread in Wardrobe thread for poll!
  5. These are Manolo Blahnik shoes?
  6. Yes, quite unusual but from 2006 I think
  7. Can't wait to see. I have 2 pairs arriving today from the NM sale. The Point Toe Ruched Dorsay and Colorblock Spectator Sandal. I hope they fit.
  8. Oh, I've always loved these!!! Lucky you! :biggrin:
  9. Matkum,

    Thanks I was very lucky to get them, I came across them by chance I have never seen them in magazines etc unlike some other Manolo shoes.

    By the way I like your avatar picture.
  10. LOVE these!
  11. Just got 2 pairs on sale from NM. The first for 318.75 and the second for 234.00.
    Fonden.jpg Caucedo Ruched Suede Point-Toe d'Orsay.jpg
  12. What great deals!
  13. I know and I had been eyeing those sandals since they first came out. Couldn't pass them up and they are so cute and comfy.
  14. Love!! I was also stalking the second pair on, but my size ran out so quickly... Congrats on getting such an awesome deal :smile:
  15. Britney Spears wore them in her ''Womanizer'' video and they were featured in Vogue US December 2006.
    Breda.jpeg silverscreenma07yj6.jpg