Dedicated to all MANOLO's owners... POST PICS!!!

  1. I recommend Leather Spa on W. 55th in NYC. They have a website, This is the place that Manolo Blahnik uses for all their work (so do the other high end shoe stores in NY). I go there but also ship my shoes to them when I'm too lazy to stand in line (and there is always a long line to get in). For a shoe like an MB, I wouldn't trust just any shoemaker.
  2. Hi everyone,

    First time poster here, can anyone help me id the style of these MBs? I can't seem to find them online anywhere. Thanks very much in advance.
    pic1 (Small).jpg pic2 (Small).jpg pic3 (Small).jpg
  3. I had something similar happen once, I just dropped them back to MB Boutique and they shipped them back to Italy for repair, no questions asked and no charge. When they phoned me to say they were ready I couldn't collect them so they sent them by courier to where I happened to be at that time. That is what you call service.
  4. It sounds like they were a return perhaps a fake and sent out without being checked. I had that happen to me once with a bag that I purchsed from Nordstrom.
    I have a lot of CL shoes and just recently got into MB. Honestly I think MB is superior in terms of quality as well as comfort.
  5. Here are the shoes that got me interested in MB. I found them at NM Last Call for 40% off the markdown price so I tried them and fell in love. The last pair I got on sale from NM. I have since added a couple more pairs as well. I am thrilled to find a shoe that is comfortable, well made and so pretty.
    007 (3).JPG 004 (5).JPG 022.JPG 040.JPG
  6. I love them all!
  7. Leather Spa also has a stand in the downstairs food concourse of Grand Central station and there is rarely a line. They deliver the shoes to the same facility that the other location uses and then they just bring them back to the Grand Central location.
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    Thanks Wanna, I just got 2 more pair on sale at Barney's. Good sale more than half price off:biggrin:
  9. Got the Ruggina a couple of seasons ago, but still haven't had the opportunity to wear them. Guess I'll save them for the fall/winter... unless someone knows a good summer look for peep toe wedge booties.
  10. Those are so cute!
  11. I LOVE those boots and they look great on you! I bought them and had to return them, my legs are thin and they just looked ridiculous on me.
  12. Great collection megt!

    movingobserver - those are so cute. Wear them with short shorts!
  13. Thanks Kett, I am really new to MB but I am really impressed with the shoes that I have purchased so far.
  14. I got these from the Barney's sale they are the Subbita and they are so comfortable. I was able to wear them all day the first time I wore them.
    017.JPG 018.JPG 019.JPG
  15. I bought these vintage pink "shoe boots" and wondered if any of you ladies knew the style?

    image-3178772378.jpg image-3955286130.jpg image-580610007.jpg image-316269237.jpg