Dedicated Thread for RM Pouch Hunters

  1. Has anyone seen the Moss "Unemployed" pouch anywhere besides
  2. I wish there were more cheeky pouches out there with cute sayings/colors. Not a fan of the 'unemployed' pouch either. :oh:
  3. There's a 3-piece pouch set (black stripes/red stripes) on sale at Amazon for $48.97.

    Amazon's running a 30% off on $80 orders of select sunglasses and handbags. So if you were to get something else that qualified for the discount (say a cheeky pouch listed at full price), you could presumably get 30% off the entire order.
  4. Just purchased the set of 3 pouches for my Mom, on the big sale. They were such a great deal $175 on sale for $60.99, I love the small penny for your thoughts!
  5. I hadn't seen the I "heart" Bags, Shoes and boys" before today, but I snapped one up the second I had. :graucho: That blood red is gorgeous!
  6. got the last "show me the money" on Amazon today for $37-- super excited

    i have so many and still wanting more!
  7. hello everyone! has anyone had any problems with the RM pouches with plastic zippers vs. metal zippers? I just bought a few pouches online and didn't realize that there was the possibility that they'd come with plastic zippers. i think they are cute, but if the plastic zippers have been known to not hold up as well as the metal zippers then i'll think about sending them back. look forward to your replies!!!
  8. ^ I just purchased a pouch and thought the zipper looked plastic but I dismissed the thought.

    I can't believe she's using plastic zippers?
  9. ^I know! The 2 I ended up with that have plastic zippers came from Zappos and they are the Kiss and Tell pouch and the Material Girl pouch. They are beautiful but I hate they have plastic zippers. I don't have access to RM locally, so as I'm looking online for things I'm now being more careful to make sure they have metal zippers before I pull the trigger. I don't know why she is using plastic now for the zippers. Strange.
  10. I got red "Can't buy me love" and blue "I shop therefore I am" from Gilt Private Items a few days ago :biggrin:
    Love them!
  11. Just got my material girl pouch in red shine, love the color, love the leather. The hw and the plastic zipper really cheapen this, ugh!
    RM pouch.jpg
  12. I saw a Benjamins wallet with a big plastic zipper on the back, so not cool RM.
  13. Yeah, I mistakenly bought one through Bonanza with a plastic zipper too. Makes me sad. Her pouches are so awesome, why cheapen them with a plastic zipper? I mean, they cost the same as those with a metal zipper so it's not saving any money. :blah::nono:
  14. Can someone post a pic of the plastic zipper?