Dedicated Thread for RM Pouch Hunters

  1. I think the Benjamins style pouch should also be offered in the plain version, like the Cory, Erin, and Kerry. I like the style, but I might get more than one color if it was plain and didn't have 'Benjamins' on every one. So far I have the Teal on pre-order, but I don't see myself getting more unless they were plain.
  2. How about a pouch that says SECRET STASH lol
  3. ^^awesome. I would totally buy one that said secret stash.:lol:
  4. ^ My friend would especially love that. Haha.
  5. I really would love a pouch that said Secret Stash! What color though... ? :thinking:
  6. LOL Mock! I'd probably need a washington's with ya :shame:

    TX-- i agree the gold lettering is holding up really well on smooth leathers, I have a mine pouch, and its being used to death and the lettering is perfect on it.

    SOOOO how about a Wine pouch that says "minkett" or "secret stash"...

    I love the idea of being able to customize with our PF names!
  7. I would LOVE that. :p
  8. I was thinking maybe burgundy would be good for the SECRET STASH ? Just think of it as a darker wine color...hehe.
  9. Especially after all the time we spend in here, Washington is the only dude who will hang out in my wallet. And Lincoln. Lots of Lincoln.
  10. I'm good for burgundy too~ will go with my Darling :smile:
  11. Oooh, I'll take a Secret Stash! (tho it's not really secret any more now, is it?)
  12. ok I just sent Codi an email about doing an SO for the SECRET STASH pouch! :smile:
  13. Are pouch SOs still possible? Didn't the previous pouch SO attempt (for a K&MU, then a Kerry/Erin) turn out to not be possible for some reason?
  14. OMG YES YES YES! I love the benjamins pouch but I really don't care for how it says 'benjamins'. Washingtons would definitely be more like it! =P I love the Secret Stash idea. I hope either way she comes out with more of these with the cheekier sayings or plain in pretty colors! :heart:
  15. starkfan, I guess you're right...Codi said no pouch special orders. But maybe RM will actually make a minkette pouch ONCE??? At least a minkette pouch, because everyone would want that, like the keyfobs.