Dedicated Thread for RM Pouch Hunters

  1. I am getting a mine pouch but really want one with handbag fund lettering! and maybe a Benjamin...
  2. There is one w/ "handbag fund?" I gotta get one of those!
  3. I want a teal euro! And a boob job fund even though i don't need a boob job! LOL
  4. Thanks Desi! I emailed Codi this morning!
  5. How long is the grechen code good for on pre-orders?

    I got the teal Kerry pouch, can't buy me love, mine, and handbag fund coming my way sometime soon!
  6. Oooh thanks! I had a preorder for the teal cory. Just cancelled and reordered w/ code! you happen to still have the link to the handbag fund pouch?
  7. I preordered the Teal Cory too. The pic makes it look like peacock, doesn't it? But it has the silver hardware. I can't wait to see the teal in person, even if it's small.
  8. Gr8ful1....I thought the same thing as I was ordering. Boy this looks like peacock!
  9. I have a Latte Fund in Seaglass that should be arriving on Monday! :yahoo: UPS tried to deliver it to me yesterday but I wasn't home :crybaby:
  10. I have a papaya Carded one on the way!