Decsion made (for now)

  1. After thinking about this non stop for the last week, I've decided if I get a PCE invite (and using the large merchandise credit that I have) I'm not going to get Lily. :nogood:

    I'm going to get Gigi in clay and the belted ergo tote in Plum.....:happydance:

    Now if I don't get an invite...then my list will change a bit. :hrmm:
    gigi.jpg plum.jpg
  2. Those are both beautiful bags:yes:... congrats on making your decision! :tup:
  3. Nice choices.....I have been drooling over Gigi, can't seem to make up my mind.
  4. Great Choices:tup:
  5. Love both your choices! Hope that you get an invite!
  6. Great choice! 2 bags instead of one! gotta love it! Lily is just TOO expensive.
  7. Great choices!!! Isn't the clay color smashing???
  8. I love the plum and I am also going to buy the gigi in clay. If I get an invite.
  9. Great choices!!
  10. I feel the same way. I was drooling over the Lily, but would rather use my PCE, if I get one for 2 bags...the clay Gigi is beautiful, definitely my fav. color in the Gigi & the plum is stunning. I need an agenda & may dive into the Carly arena. I guess I will be waiting by my mailbox!
  11. LOL....:roflmfao: just made me think of Austin Powers..."smashing"! LOL
  12. I love the choices too. You guys are definitely making the Gigi tote grow on me.
  13. I've already changed my mind!! I'm still getting Gigi in Clay, but instead of the ergo tote, I'm going to get Leigh, now I just have to decide on the will either be camel or citron.
    I wish PCE would get here and be over so I wasn't obsessing every single day!!! This is nuts!!! :nuts:
  14. I LOVE the new Legacy Camel. It is VERY pretty in person and more versitile than Citron. CAMEL!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. Great Choice