Decreased fetal movement?

  1. I'm kind of new to this section of tpf so please excuse me if this has been addressed previously...Its been a couple of years since I was pregnant last (currently pregnant with baby number 2) and so I don't remember exactly, but is decreased fetal movement common at the end of the second trimester? I'm going on twenty eight weeks and today baby rarely kicked or moved. I know activity slows as baby gets bigger and there is less room to move but I still felt a lot of regular activity up until last night. DH told me not to worry and that baby is probably just "cruising" and taking it easy today, but of course my obsessive compulsive self can't just relax.
    I'm going to call my doctor in the morning just to double check but I know there are lots of experienced mommies on the board so I thought I might check here for now. I'm sure everything is fine (I do remember there being times with my last pregnancy when I didn't feel dd move or kick for an afternoon or so)...I think I'm just extra scared because I recently heard of two people who had miscarriages and they were almost into their fifth month...I'm further along than that but I can't help but worry about my little one...
  2. Yes, please call your doctor and have it checked. I would be very worried myself if it happens to me. I experience a decreased in movements from my baby when I was 2wks before my due date.. I was on a NST (Non Stress Test) and they could not register any kicks from my baby so that day, they had me go to the Triage for further observations.. eventually, I gave birth at 8pm that day.. baby had to come up via C-Section. It was a couple of weeks early, but I am glad she's well. It's her 2nd bday tomorrow and I thank God for all the blessings.

    Good Luck to you and I know everything goes well with your pregnancy.:flowers:
  3. I am pregnant with my 1st and babyies movements have only slowed over the last 2 days (i am 37 weeks) but everyone is different, if you are worried contact your doctor/midwife .
  4. Are you doing Kick Counts? You should be doing them to make sure baby is moving enough. The dr. will prob. ask you for this information. If you're really worried you should go in for a non-stress test. They'll hook you up to a monitor and monitor baby's heart accelerations and movements.

    Good luck!
  5. Of course you should check it out, but the baby might have switched directions too. If the baby is kicking INWARDS you'll feel it less than if the baby's feet are pointing outwards. So, it could be that simple, but no reason to worry about it, get it checked out. Overall, I think it's too early for the lessening of fetal movements overall. The baby still has a lot of room (although YOU might not feel so! LOL)
  6. i think it's a good idea to check with your doctor...just to be sure. if i'm not mistaken, decreased fetal movement should be towards the end of the 3rd trimester. however, as mentioned above, the position of the baby does affect how much feel the baby.
  7. that definitely happened to me (and everything was fine)!

    try drinking some orange juice and lying on your side to see if that gets him/her up and moving a bit (repeat the juce if you need to) and do a kick count so you can tell your doctor...

    good luck! :heart:
  8. Thanks so much for all of the support and replies!
    I called my doctor who decided that it would be best for me to come in for a fetal non stress test just in case (really love that they are so conservative). Turns out that everything was fine and baby actually started moving normally once I was hooked up to the monitors...I wonder if hearing his own loud heartbeat woke him up. :smile: Anyway, both the RN who administered the test, as well as my OB, said to call anytime something doesn't seem normal. They said they would prefer that I come in for ten tests that turn out to be just fine than I hesitate and figure everything is okay and then we come to find out that baby is in distress.
    I feel so relieved! It was also nice to see him on the ultrasound screen (they did a a limited u/s to check the amniotic fluid level) and to see his heart beating and a few little movements though he was sleeping at first...This time is just so different from my "textbook" first pregnancy...Crossing my fingers for smooth sailing from this point on! :yes:
  9. awww!! that's good to know, glamourpink!!! I am soooo happy for ya!
  10. Glamourgirl--Glad baby is okay. I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy so I had the non-stress tests twice a week. it was always so re-assuring to see baby and know he's okay.

  11. oh i'm so glad! :smile:
  12. i'm so glad to hear that all is well with both baby and you:yes:
  13. I found that if I drank some orange juice it would make my babies move - lots of sugar ;)
    I agree w/ the fetal kicks for next time though:yes:
    Glad you were relieved!!!:biggrin:
  14. glad you are relieved :smile:

    and just wanna share my doctors pointers on kick counts...

    How to do kick counts
    -once aday when you notice baby is awake,
    monitor how long it takes to get 10 fetal movements (of any location or intensity) Record movement in a chart
    - Sit or lie down on your left side
    -Check what time you start
    -Put your hands on your belly
    -Count how many times your baby moves.
    A move is any kick, wiggle, twist, turn, roll or strech.
    -Count up to 10 moves
    -If baby moves 10 times in the first hour, you can stop counting.

    What if the baby doesn't move 10 times in the first hour? Dont worry.
    Your baby maybe sleeping. Here's what to do:

    -Eat or drink something
    -Walk around for 5 minutes.
    -Then repeat kick counts for another hour.

    What if your baby doesn't move 10 times in the second hour?
    -Call your doctor...
    if closed
    -Call the birth center for a non stress test

    Hope this could help:flowers:
  15. I drank a glass of cold water and my son went kicking away! :yahoo: