- authentic sunglasses?

  1. this site sells sunglasses with huge almost seems too good to be true. and i have zero idea on sunglasses authentification, so any help would be great! :flowers:

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  2. thanks titania, that does help. i did a search for similar threads but i guess i missed this one!

    except there's still no confirmation as to whether he sells real glasses...:hrmm:

    obviously i would never buy from him judging from all the people he's scammed and harrassed, but my friend has bought a pair of D&G glasses and i'd just like to know if they are at least real!
  3. maybe you can take some pictures for her and post them here. I'm sure someone else with D&G sunglasses can make a comparison.
  4. I posted this in the eBay forum, but thought I should post here to warn everyone, I know there is a locked thread about this site.

    Decormeyes is now being investigated by Paypal Fraud Dept. He is selling items on his sites that he does not have, buying them from eBay and getting the eBay sellers to drop ship them directly to his customers and then filed a INR dispute through paypal to those eBay sellers that will ship to these unconfirmed customers addresses.

    I have been in contact with some of these sellers and he continues to be abusive.

    Please, please stay away and do not buy from any of his sites.

    He is operating on eBay under his mothers name and continually changes his eBay registration details to those of his customers from his site
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    The things people on ebay do!
  6. Thank you for the info!
  7. again ...
  8. He is still at it, can't believe it why can't eBay SHUT HIM DOWN
  9. this loser has 2 more ID in ebay, bw careful eyewearus, lebricolage
  10. thanks for the heads up!
  11. Wow! I remember reading about him on tpf over a year ago now! That's shocking, thanks for the warning!
  12. There was a huge thread about this. Its hould come up if you search for it.
  13. I'm the latest victim of decormyeyes. I had been eyeing some Gucci 2712 sunnies and Tom Ford Jennifer sunnies for awhile on Placed an order for the Gucci pair first. Two days later he said that the Gucci in stock had a crack and didn't have another pair in stock. Asked if I would be interested in the same style but with stones (Gucci 2712 Strass). Stupid me, I took the offer. They were more expensive and he said that he would give them to me for the same price as the originals. That should have been my first red flag!!! The same day he contacted me about the Gucci pair, I bought the Tom Ford Jennifer's. That order went smoothly and shipped the next day. Nothing strange there until I found the old thread about him that was recently closed down. Then panic set in.

    As I read that thread, I literally was getting knots in my stomach and shocked when I read that it was a scam, that he sends fakes, threatens people, and even said that he would kill them. Okay, I was freaking out. I knew if I confronted him about my orders then no telling what retaliation he would lash upon me. So I am staying away from him and even blocked his email address so he can never contact me ever again.

    After finding out that he had 3 different ebay id's, I did my own investigating. I looked up decormyeyes on to see if he had purchased any of the sunglasses that I bought from him. Since this is how he does his business. Well, he bought the exact same style of Gucci sunnies the same day he told me he could get these instead of the others. The timing of the auction ending and the back and forth emails between us were all timed out within minutes of each other. To confirm my theory, it was delivered by USPS Priority and guess who the return address belonged too? That's right, the ebay seller. He had his seller id on the package. This con artist had this seller drop ship the item to me. Luckily the ebay seller that he bought them from is reputable and I had them authenticated here and they checked out :tup:. Thank God!!! He bought the sunnies on Ebay for $119 plus shipping. I bought them from him on his fake site for $232. So he made over $100 off of me. I bet he's laughing somewhere right now.

    As far as my Tom Ford sunnies, they will arrive tomorrow. Couldn't find on any of his ebay id's where he bought these. So I'm probably getting some fakes he had already or he's just sending me something different all together. He has sent wrong styles to people on more than one occasion. I just can't believe I didn't see this coming. I am so mad that I didn't see the thread about him before I bought the sunnies. Please stay away from this guy. From now on I would rather buy my designer sunnies from high-end dept. stores and boutiques then get them for a discount somewhere else. At least this way I know that I am getting the real deal.

    This guy is evil and I just can't believe after all this time he is still in business. I hope he likes hot weather because there is only one place for people like him go!!! :devil:
  14. Omg! I never knew this! That's crazy and ridiculous! Thanks for the info!