1. Do you decorate for holidays? Which ones and what sorta look do you do?

    For me I try and have at least a wreath for all holidays. Halloween we decorate a lot and usually scary not cutesy. Christmas we go all out! I love lights!
  2. I like going/seeing house that decorate every season and holidays. Peoples could get so creative . I don't decorate my house anymore due to being so lazy putting them away. The last time I got a tree up for xmas, 2 months after xmas I finally took them down lol
  3. The only time i decorate the house is for Christmas, not that it's a holiday, holidays (Easter, summer) over here are no reason to decorate a home in England.

    The decorations at Christmas are a type of fir tree for inside, and sometimes out, plus elegant trimmings in selected rooms in the house - usually hall, stairs, landing and lounge.

    On the front door i buy a luxury fresh wreath, all fragrant and full, lovely.