Decorating with Toki for the holidays

  1. So is anyone going to decorate with Toki for the holidays?

    I thought about getting adios and ciao ciao and putting them on display for Halloween.

    For Christmas if I get a big bag in Vacanze I thought about putting it under the tree or something to show it off.

    Another thing you could make ornaments out of the qees. Lol.
  2. Some store sent me an email saying they were making adios & ciao ciao stuff for the holidays. :confused1: I can't remember who it was or what I was asking about. Maybe there will be toki ornaments to hang on our trees!! :graucho:
  3. Is the store making special adios and ciao ciao stuff or is this like a holiday line coming out for Toki? Let us know if you hear anything more. Sounds cool. :supacool:
  4. Holiday line coming out from Toki. Man, I cannot remember who sent me the email or what it was about. :confused1: I know for a fact it said that though. I know I posted it somewhere in the forum too. I'll have to dig for it. :idea:
  5. I found it!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: It was from Tobi. I had contacted them regarding my t-shirt that was backordered for 3 months! This was their response...

    Thanks so much for being patient and waiting for your Tokidoki back order to be fulfilled. Due to some manufacturing malfunctions Tokidoki had making the tee, I unfortunately have to inform you that your back order cannot be fulfilled until Mid-September. We here at would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and would also like you to know we are waiting with just as much anticipation for this super cute tee!
    Tokidoki will also be coming out with a complete "Adios & Ciao Ciao" line for Holiday 07 and Spring 08. Be on the look out!
    Please feel free to give me a call or write me back with any questions.
    Thanks so much,
  6. Wow this is great news! But man my pocketbook is gonna be killing me though! :push:
  7. I know I know!! I'm sooooooooo broke. :sad:

    What do you think it will be ornaments? :confused1:
  8. Since it is this sounds like it will be clothing rather than toys. I was hoping for new toys I guess.
  9. Oh I never thought of clothing. I was thinking toys the whole time. :hrmm::hrmm: I guess we'll have to wait and see but I hope it's toys too.
  10. oh this was brought up on a past thread one time. my kids have mini trees.. and they're going to put up all their 2" qees on there.. i have so many toki qees in a bag..just sitting there!
  11. I love adios and ciao ciao so I'm excited to see what they will offer in the holiday line. Wait now that I think of it I think I seen in that pic from that they had white adios and ciao ciao hats if I'm not mistaken. I remember wanting it! Lol! It is the same pic with the vacanze zucca.
  12. :confused1::confused1::confused1: so they're ornaments? I've never seen that on the giantpeach.
  13. Someone posted a pic on here and it was off of they showed the holiday collection. There was a white trucker hat with adios on it. I can't remember what else was in the pic other than the vacanze zucca. I'm not sure if there will be new toys or ornaments?
  14. Oh oh oh regular hats? I thought you meant like christmas hat ornaments! :push:
  15. I did a search to find the pic here it is.