Decorating--painting burgundy????

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  1. I am finally trying to pull our house together with removing the ugly wallpaper and painting the rooms colors I like. We have been here over 3 years and it still does not feel like home. I love the pottery barn paint colors and did my living room and dining room in a pretty prescott green color which is not pastel but not dark at all. It really is a great relaxing color.....
    So now comes the kitchen.....There are not words for the ugly wallpaper--it has to go. I have white cabinets and tan tile backsplash and tan durastone tile in the kitchen area and wood floors where the eat in kitchen table is. I have really been drawn to the color burgundy. I have seen a few rooms done in this color and I like how it looks. This is so opposite of what I have done before--think key west cottage pastel or bright lilly pulitzer colors.
    Has anyone had rooms in their home painted burgundy and how do you like it? I want to keep it simple, burgundy and tan. I have custom Laura Ashley drapes in tan with burgundy floral design that would look great over my patio doors and I was going to make a valance for the sink window in a fabric that goes with that design. I want NO clutter and just a nice piece of art on 2 walls and maybe a black metal hanging candle thing from pottery barn. Black curtain rods for both windows.
    So what has everyone been doing with their decorating and what has worked or not worked for you???
  2. My powder room in my townhouse used to be deep cranberry/burgundy. I absolutely loved it. The only issue was the lighting...I needed to do lighter accents/lighting/light colored artwork to keep the toilet area from turning into a dark cavern, LOL. I never realized this would be an issue until my (now ex) BF commented on it. When a guy uses my powder room, he's facing a dark 3 wall area. Obviously a girl would face the other way and only see the brightly lit area, LMAO!! a weak moment I let him pick out a new color and help me repaint it as he really hated that burgundy. He chose a nice deep Tuscan yellow which is OK but honestly I loved the burgundy too.
  3. My kitchen gets lots of light. I would actually have very little wall space to paint. I would be above the cabinets. Around the refridgerator and pantry door. Around the patio doors and a half wall with columns that lead to the family room. So I don't feel it would be too much color for the room. I met a new friend who painted her dining room burgundy red and it was stunning and another friend painted her kitchen more of a red color and it was done with a french country design which was very pretty. I am trying to go for that pottery barn clean uncluttered look but still make a statement.
    Even when I see decorating magazines I am drawn to this color. I guess as we mature our tastes do change. I have gone from wanting a shabby chic cottage look (which I had for years) to more of a clean feng shui (spelling???) look. I just want the rooms to be relaxing. I also have leather couches in rich brown colors in 2 rooms and that is something I never thought I would get and I love them more than any other furniture I have had before. I do like interesting art and have quite a few smaller pieces that would look good grouped together. I want to do all my art in every room in the black frames and all curtain rods are black so I do carry the look room to room.
  4. My bedroom is a raspberry/burgundy kind a colour and I've really enjoyed it. It has been this way for a number of years now though and I am ready for a change.

    I recently painted the main floor taupe and am going to be doing the kitchen and main floor bath in sage.
  5. Go for it, but keep in mind that red has less coverage than other pigments, so you will probably have to do 3 coats. My living room is red (not sure I'd call it burgundy) and I love it.
  6. Good point, litigatrix! When I painted my powder room burgundy it took 3 coats even though I was going from stark white to burgundy. My SA at Home Depot mixed up a primer with the same color in it to help that process. Highly recommended! Be does take a few coats :heart:.
  7. Red is very hard to get even coverage with. Buy a good quality paint if you go this route. The right shade is also very difficult to achieve. Paint a Practice Board first.
  8. I never bother with primer as I see no difference in 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint vs. 3 coats of paint as it's still 3 coats.
  9. My study has taupe walls...with ONE burgundy wall as a focus point(the wall u c when u first walk in straight ahead)...I love it....if u paint all the walls can make a room look smaller.One wall burgundy looks AMAZING!
  10. I LOVE Burgundy paint! I have my master bedroom and powder fauxed in it plus I have my dining painted below the chair rail in it with diamond above. These are not the best pictures (these came fron a few months ago when we just moved in) but it will give you an idea.
    Dining.JPG master.JPG master1.JPG Powder.JPG
  11. I'm just about to paint my kitchen a red currant color it's called. Our cabinets are oak (medium), the floors are beige-ish vinyl tile and the counters are black and copper/gold/gray granite. Our kitchen island and hardware are a shiny black (like patent leather!LOL). Refrigerator is black. We have VERY strong lighting and I think that will tone it down. The "trim" and blinds are an ivory and my wall decorations are white porcelain 40s plates/trinkets with sayings.

    My biggest question is (sorry to hijack the thread) is, do I continue this red down one wall of the adjoining living/dining room? That room has the same cranberry tones as accents - pillows, throws, drapes.
  12. If I saw a picture I could help more but I would say yes. However, I LOVE dark colors. Continuing the color will also help your bring your eye into the other rooms and since you have those colors in there anyway it will make a nice accent wall for them IMO.
  13. Ugh...I don't have my camera right now. DH took it on his trip. I told him, "We won't need it, you're the one going somewhere!" and packed it for him. Now, only 3 days later I've wanted that camera like 5 times already! LOL Yes, we have a point and shoot, but those are a pain in the butt! I'm liking DH's idea of getting another digital camera more and more!

    I think it will look fine. I love the color red - a nice deep red!
  14. We used a burgundy in our dining room, Benjamin Moore Raisin Torte:
    (this is an old pic...6+ years old. We've since added french doors and new windows.)

    We get a decent amount of light in the room...only one wall doesn't have windows or doors. People always compliment us on the color when they come over, but I'm ready for a change mostly because I feel like everybody has done their dining room in a deep red or burgundy.

    Should you decide to go the dark color route, I highly recommend a tinted primer!!!!! I use one regardless of how light or dark the color is. It's make a big difference!!!
  15. It's true, red seems to be "the color" to choose, but then that's also better for resale if it's not an oddball color. Though, I've only seen it in two homes around here. I'm just tired of beige/off white walls. We are painting (when I get to it) the bedrooms a soft green and my son's room a gray/blue.

    I just hate my white walled kitchen - blah!