Decorating my City Bag

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  1. Sooo i have a black city bag and i decided to tie a small pucci scarf on it....looks good BUT just wondering what you grls thought about it??? Is it tabooo bc its not the same brand (ie Birkin with a Hermes scarf) Its definate gives my bag a little more color!
  2. I think it's fine...mix it up! You're not tied to Balenciaga. You wouldn't NOT wear the bag with another brand of why not change out the scarves? Go for it!
  3. I agree.
  4. i totally do the same! I tie my mcqueen scull scarf at my balenciaga bags:love: ;)
  5. Mix and match! It's all good!!!!
  6. I tie my McQueen to all my bags - Chloe and LV. So why not? Go for it :smile:
  7. Cute! I used to tie a bunch of scarves on my vintage bags.. was thinking about pulling out my vintage Pucci and adding it to a bbag for a change! :smile:
  8. I have the *gasp* GAP pink scarf with the colored big dots (that SJP wore in the ads) and I tie it to my bags for some spring color. I am not a big silk scarf person, but a little pop now and then is refreshing.
  9. Oh good! I really love my pucci scarf, but its a bit small to wear on my head as a headband (which is what i intended to do when i bought the darn thing!) I guess the first time i wear it will be on my handbag! :love:
  10. i use scarves with my bags all the time... vintage silk ones can be found for so cheap and easy at garage sales and thrift shops. and they are always unique!
  11. That's a great idea! FYI - there are pucci scarves on at a discount.