Decolletes with unfinished wood look?

  1. I bought a pair of the white patent Decollete Vernice from onlymoda last weekend. I got the shoes today (beautiful!), but the wooden part looks unfinished. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

    The wood on the pair that I have in black patent (thanks SL!!) have a nice finished darkened wood look to them. These white ones don't though, which kind of surprised me. Did CL do a variation of these with the unfinished wood look?

    Is it possible to get them "finished" somehow (via a cobbler)? I kind of would like to have it finished to help seal the wood from moisture, etc.
  2. I think I know exactly what you're referring to -- it did come in some versions with that "unfinished" wood platform. Specifically I know a few stores that had stocked a nude patent Decollete Zeppa with an "unfinished" wood look (have attached an image saved from eBay a while ago.....that's what I have in mind). So I wouldn't be surprised to hear the cream white version came with that "unfinished" wood look as well.
  3. That's exactly what I meant! Thanks foxy!

    They look so unusual to me.
  4. Blackbird -- I think I may have the exact same shoe you bought. It's a cream decollete zeppa, and mine have the unfinished wood as well. Only a few places carried this color combination. I got mine from one of the CL boutiques last year after a manhunt when my size (and many others) sold out so quickly at my regular store. I like the unfinished wood against the cream because it blends in so beautifully.
  5. ^ how creamy is your cream? Mine look really white.
  6. Post pics!
    I like the unfinished wood look with a light color patent.
  7. ^ will do after I get these babies home!
  8. I can't wait to see them!!
  9. It's very creamy almost white. Next to CL's nude patent, it's definitely whiter and has some yellowish undertones. I think the name of the color on the box was "Sand."
  10. I like the combo of white (or nude, cream) with unfinished wood! Please post some pics.....
  11. here you go!

    The box said "White" instead of sand. I love them though!

    They are .5 sizes bigger than my black ones and fit *so* much better..for now. I know that once they both break in, the black ones will fit perfectly and these will be a bit loose.
    DSC_4143.jpg DSC_4144.jpg DSC_4145.jpg
  12. I think they are beautiful I do love the unfinished wood!
  13. I like them much better with the unfinished wood look.
    Very cute. I dont think I would have bought them with the darker wood.
  14. Thanks! :smile:
  15. I like them~ they look great with your distressed jeans! Great shoe for summer!