Decolletes or Declics?

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  1. I own a pair of patent Decolletes and have worn them quite a few times but I have seen a pair of patent Declics that are gorgeous and are on hold for me until the end of the evening. I can't decide whether to keep the Decolletes and forget the Declics, or sell my Decolletes and go for the Declics. Just to give you an idea of my personal style, I wear a lot of mini shift dresses with opaque black tights and love Kate Moss's style. What does everyone think - Decolletes or Declics? And I can't afford both! Are both classics or is one more classic than the other?
  2. I personally prefer declics over decolletes. Some say decolletes are comfy, but not for me. Classic wise, they're both very classic IMO. GL and let us know what you decide.
  3. i prefer declic but if moneys an object you probably wont get a great price for a pair of really used decolletes... (also are they both the same heel height?)
  4. ^^ Yes, same heel height and my Decolletes are in really good condition. I'm thinking less about comfort and more about the appearance and what would suit my style better as they are both such beautiful shoes and I love them both.
  5. I looooooove declics, but honestly, I think the decollettes look better in patent leather.
  6. well if they are the same color and heel height then i would just keep the decolletes...even though i prefer the declics its a very minor difference between the two and it seems like alot of trouble to go through...but if they are differnt colors then i would give it a bit more thought..
  7. ^^This is what my bf thinks too! There's just something about the Declics - it's concealed platfom that gives it the edge. Does anyone else think they're too similar? Sometimes I feel the toe of the Decolletes look a little too pointed on me. My feet are narrow which makes the toe look longer.
  8. Declics are sexiers =)
  9. Declics hands down!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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    Wow! Where are all the decollete ladies?!

    While I love the look on decollete on others, they just do not do it for me. They look super pretty on others and in the box. I have bought a couple pairs and returned both because they just don't move me like the declic does Maybe it is the toe clevage?! Which is why I prefer Declic, personally.

    Now if money is an issue, you would be losing out if you decided to sell a used pair of decolletes to purchase a new pair of Declics that cost $100 more than decolletes. especially if they are the same color and heel height.

    Declics and decolletes are definitely not the same!
  11. I'm in the minority it seems, but I actually prefer the Decolletes - so freaking sexy and classic at the same time. I love the my Declics, but I'm really partial to teh Decollete shape. Or, can you just keep them both? :graucho: GL, let us know what you decide!
  12. When I say I can't afford both I don't mean that I'd end up starving, just that it would be crazy for me to spend money on another pair of shoes that are similar-ish to ones I already own! Perhaps I should just keep my Decolletes and see if I can hold out for the Declics in black suede. I almost had these a few months ago - they were on order from Paris. The boutique must have misheard me as they had the wrong phone number down for me so I didn't get their calls to say they had arrived in store. By the time I realised, I called the boutique and they had already sold them to someone else!! Now there's none left in black suede in the whole of Europe in my size!
  13. Well don't look around the board then! lol There is no such thing as similar-ish! lol

    Sell something else and then go by the Declics. Problem solved. Then you can have best of both worlds!
  14. I prefer the Declic over the Decollete, but really it's only because the Declic fits my feet so much better. I still love the look of the Decollete. I say keep the patent Decolletes and then hopefully a Declic will pop up in another color or material, so that way you won't feel like they are too similar.
  15. I think this is the sensible option. I think I'll sadly let the Declics go and keep my Decolletes. Once I've worn them to death I'll probably go for the Declics next time. Wish I'd seen the Declics first! I think perhaps Declics look better in suede anyway.