Decolletes comfortable or uncomfortable?

  1. I'm considering a buying pair of Decolletes but I've heard from so many people how uncomfortable they are. So I was wondering is this the case with all you lovely ladies who have the decolletes or do some of you find them comfortable?

  2. i've tried them on and i can barely walk!i couldnt size up so it was a 'no' for me..
  3. I sized one size up and in terms of standing in them, I can stand in them all day. It's hard to walk in them but for me that's only because of the 4-in heel , LOL,. I LOVE how they look!
  4. I have a couple of pairs in patent. Now I have got used to the heel height I find them comfortable to stand and walk in. I do think everyone is different though, what is good for one person may not be comfortable for another...
  5. I sized up and they still hurt! The shoes itself is sooo sexy, but not worth the pain. You can basically only really get 1 hour out of them until your feet scream!
  6. can't wear 'em, want to scream in pain...
  7. oh dear! :sad:

    Thanks for you feedback ladies, seems like they are uncomfortable for 99% of people, such a pity as they are gorgeous looking shoes.

    Looks like I'll have to find a different style to lust over...
  8. I think that the comfort level really depends on the size you get, these shoes have a very narrow and tiny toe box which forced me to size up one full size. My first pair of decolletes were only 1/2 size larger than my usual size and I absolutely hated them, they were just torture. However, I decided to give the decollete another try and bought a second pair in one size larger from my usual size which made them much more tolerable, and dare I say, even a bit comfy. I have a very high arch, so I find it easier to walk in very high heel shoes vs flats but there is something about the cut of the decollete that prevents me from walking with a straight back, I constantly find myself hunching over in them and have to make an effort to have good posture when I wear them - can anyone else relate to that?
    So I think that as long as you get the correct size, they should be ok. Although I wouldn't recommend them for long distance walking or hours of standing. Regardless, it is really the perfect pump IMO.
  9. I was lucky with my first pair of Decollette 868 in terms if sizing. I was able to get my true CL size because the one I tried on was the display model. I think they were broken in for me by the time I got to them. Now, when I try other Decollettes I have to size up because they feel unbelievably tiny. I do not find myself feeling tortured when I wear them or that it affects my posture or the way I walk.
  10. my head says dont buy them you wont get much wear out of them
    my heart says buy them they are so gorgeous!

    LOL I have talked myself in and out of them at least a dozen times today alone

    Is the decollete 868 toe box the same cut as the decollete zeppa?
    I tried on a pair of my friends decollete zeppas we usually take the same size in non CL shoes (37) she got a 38 in the zeppas and found them a good fit but tight, where when I tried them on my foot slid right to the front and left a huge gap at the back of the foot! same thing happened when I tried on a pigalli finzi in 37.

    I'm having sliding issues with my VP's too, I never thought I had narrow feet but I'm starting to think maybe I do!?
  11. I think I always listen to my :heart: when it comes to CLs. If I listened to my head I would not have all the CLs I have. :graucho: I think with the Pigalles you can afford to go down a half a size. As for your foot sliding forward in the Decolzeps and VPs I think it's the heel height that pushes your feet forward. I do not have a narrow foot by any means, but I know that when that happens to size down by half a size and it remedies the problem. Makes the shoe fit a bit snugly on the toes, but I would rather have the fit be more snug (and gently break them in) than have a lot of room in the back. You can also go with the larger size and put in pads or liners to keep from sliding around.
  12. I already got a pair of CL's this week so I really shouldnt.... but that doesnt stop me wanting more LOL.

    Your right lavender I think its the heel height, I've always considered my feet to be average width.... but I do have flat feet they are very skinny depth wise if you get what I mean, so I think it must be a combination of that and the heel height that are pushing them forward.

    I cant get liners to work for me I've tried all different types my feet still slide forward over them and squish my toes :sad:
  13. definitely had to go up an entire size. first time out was awful. but since then, they have started to give a bit and aren't too bad.
  14. I agree that you should size up a full size before you even begin to compare comfort level. I have relatively flat feet, avg width and find the Decolettes comfortable. I dare say they are a tiny bit more comfortable than Yoyo's because of the extra padding in the sole. Don't write them off before trying on a few! They are gorgeous on.
  15. I sized up a full size and they are fine. I can wear mine for hours on end. The leather ones are the way to go in my opinion as the patent will take forever to get comfortable/stretch.