Decollete Suede, PROS and CONS PLEASE


Jul 30, 2008
Okay...hopefully you ladies can help me decide..... I went to Saks today and tried on a pair of Grey Suede Decolletes which btw are TDF however, I also tried on a pair of grey patent leather Decolletes as well.....

CANT DECIDE :thinking:.... I already own three patent leather Decolletes (which you can never have too many of) and zero suedes but knowing me, I will most likely scuff them the first day I wear it out then cry the rest of the night:crybaby:and maybe even the rest of the week especially since the color is light.....
I need some advice and/or convincing here.... :confused1:

I plan to go back to Saks tomorrow and buy the Grey Suedes UNLESS someone can convince me otherwise....I know many of you own suede CLs in this forum and swear by them but what happens if you scuff them and most importantly, how do you protect them?? Also, is it worth the worrying and walking ever so slightly around puddles and making sure no one steps or spills on them? Oye but they were so gosh darn beautiful:faint:

Any advice is appreciated! TIA:flowers:


Jun 3, 2007

Well a pro of suede is that it's generally comfortable and more adapatable to moulding/stretching.

I just got my first pair of suede today (lady gres) and I plan to treat them with a suede protector before wearing them. I think many here swear by Appleguard, I picked up one from "Kiwi" today.


Aug 4, 2008
I'd definitely get the suede and protect them with Appleguard first like Babypie said. I think the suede will be very comfy since it stretches more than patent, and as we all know, the decollete has a pretty narrow toe box. Just check the weather before wearing them out! (And I do that in any case whenever I'm deciding what shoes to wear!) :yes:


You can call me Jenn
Feb 11, 2008
I have the gray suede decolletes! They're so beautiful, and definitely more comfortable than my patents because of the material. I'm moderately careful with them - I don't walk on the street in them because where I live and work has sidewalks that are not in good shape, and I don't feel like taking tiny little steps and staring at the ground to make sure I don't land in any cracks. But I have worn them out to dinner and a bar, and they were perfectly fine. Buy some Apple Garde rain and stain protector, it works like a charm - I had a drink spilled on me while I was wearing them, and it wiped right off (to be fair, it was a clear drink, not red wine, so I don't know what would happen with something darker, but I suspect if you caught it quickly they would be fine). The shoes had one tiny bald spot when I got them, but it's not noticeable unless you hold the shoe 6 inches from your eyes - and other than that, they've suffered no damage. I say definitely go for them - the suede is prettier than the patent in this color. Let us know what you do!


Aug 18, 2006
I'd give the suede a try-you could always wear another pair of shoes outside if rainy weather is predicted and then change into your suede shoes. Seems like you already have quite a bit of patent leather, so you might want to change it up. Or, you could always get both!!!


Jul 30, 2008
Katykit01, were the patent ones also available at Saks? I thought they only had the Ron Rons in grey patent.

They only had the blk patent decollete but you are right they had grey ron rons. The only Decollete they have are blk patent and peacock and grey however I bought the last pair of grey suede decollete...might possible return them...have to wait a week and see how I feel next Friday....:shrugs:


How many is 2 many?
Jan 11, 2008
I would go with the suede - it's much more comfortable than the patent, the colour is TDF and you already have 3 patent pairs. I don't have decolletes in the suede but I have a couple of pairs of Rolandos and as long as you stain-proof them and take care with the heels on cracks in the pavement they're fine :tup: