Decollete / Decolzep LUGGAGE brown!!! i won! i won!

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  1. i have never started a thread to express my excitement over a new pair of shoes, in fact, i have never started a thread... but there's a first for everything!

    i just won a pair of decolzep's on ebay in luggage brown and i couldn't be more excited! i had almost given up hope when i saw that the bid was at $280 earlier on in the day. i had already told myself that $300 was the max but was really hoping to win them for much, much less since the starting bid was only $149. don't you just hate when people bid so early on?

    anyways... i was staring at the screen with about 11 minutes left and had entered $320 but didn't actually confirm the bid. i think i was scared to find out that someone had outbid that... but to my surprise, the high bid only went up to $305... then i began to prepare for a loss and started to rationalize and make excuses for why i didn't need them anyways. i couldn't think of many reasons and i'm glad because i won!!!

    i'm really excited because this is my first pair of that sort... a neutral that's a little more casual. besides, it's closer to a nude for me than louboutin's traditional nude. although i find the classic nude exquisite, i'm more on the brown side :P

    but now the worrying about size is slowly taking hold of me... i have two pairs of decolzeps in patent in two different sizes... blue/silver in a 38.5 and plum/gunmetal in a 39... these new ones are a 39 and i'm hoping they're not too big or else they're gonna go back up for sale :crybaby:

    in any case, i'll post pics as soon as i have them since auction pics are no where near as exciting as your very own modeling ones!

    YAY ME!!!

  2. Congratulations, I can feel your excitement and I'm soo excited for you too. Be sure to post pictures when they arrive.
  3. Yay you is right! Congratulations!
  4. congrats!! that's so exciting!!
  5. melia, congrats! i'm excited for you and can't wait to see the pics! :wlae:
  6. Yeah Congrats!:woohoo::woohoo:
  7. oh wow! i just went downstairs for a second to talk to my mom about my PCAT test tomorrow and i am blown away by everyone's response! thank you everyone-- for joining in on the excitement.

    now i hope i don't spend too much time calculating potential outfits during the math portion... too bad they don't have a fashion trivia portion on the exam. i guess it's because no one sees a pharmacist's outfit under their white smock... but they will see the shoes... :yes:
  8. Congrats!!

    Can't wait to see modelling pic of the beauties!!
  9. yay!!!!!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Woohoo! Can't wait to see them!
  12. Yay, congrats!!! Can't wait for the modeling pics!!!

  13. ha ha i was thinking something similar the otherday...about how stupid it is that I spend so much time

    a) on TPF
    b) thinking about fashion
    c) buying shoes which I can't even wear to work or walk more than car to door in???!!!!!!

    i do sometimes wonder if I am studying the wrong thing lol!!! but then I think....when I finally get a job I can buy more!!! ha haha!!!
  14. :yahoo:congrats on ur new purchase! I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that these fit.
  15. Congrats!!!!!