Decollete advice

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  1. I need (ie want :P ) a pair of nude Louboutins and I have my sights set on the Decollete. I love how they look, very sexy but also classic.

    But some people say that the Decollete is extremely uncomfortable to the point of being impossible to wear and others that they can wear them for hours. Confusing!

    I am looking for a shoe that is ok for a couple of hours of shopping, walking a couple of block etc.

    I have a narrow foot and am a size 39 in Louboutins (but on the small side, 39 gives heel slippage once stretched out). Do you think the Decollete would fit my foot? Most of the complaints seem to be about them being too narrow but for me that will be a plus.

    Also should I stick to a 39? Is there any difference in size between the calf, jazz and patent? I like the jazz the most. Patent nudes get scuffed so easily and I would always be worried about ruining them. Calf is pretty too.

    I don't want anything with a platform so the only option is Decollete, Simple or Ron Ron I think? I have Simple in black but it is kind of boring.... Ron Ron is cute but I have never seen them in nude. Not into pointy toes.

    Overall it seems to be really difficult to get nude in Europe at the moment unless you have really big or very small feet?
  2. Decolette is a bit on the narrow side, you need to take 1/2 size up from your normal TTS. For example my European TTS is 38 and I'm 38,5 in the Decolletes - I wear 37,5 in old cut 120 Pigalle, 38 in Pigalle 100, Corneille and So Kate, 38,5 in Elisa 100. I have narrow feet as well.
    You'll be ok in the Decolettes, I think.
    Another very beautiful shoe is the Corneille, you might consider it as an alternative - they are very pretty in nude and they're comfortable as well.
    Contact Customer Care Europe & Customer Care UK, they can help you locate a boutique that has/ will receive the shoes you want. Good luck ! :smile:
  3. I find Decollete the most comfortable shoe ever.
    To me 39 gives a heel slippage after couple of wears, so I took 38.5 and it was tight at first but now are perfect.
    I have narrow feet and narrow heel.
    For example, I also wear 38.5 in Pigalle 100, in old Very Prive.
    I love to wear Decollete :smile:
  4. Decollete runs half size small to full size small

    Patent is probably the least likely to get scuffed compared to jazz or regular calfskin.

    I personally don't find it narrow at all. It's B width for me. What people say it's narrow, they mean that the TOEBOX is short length-wise. So if you have long toes, then the almond point will squish your toes because there's not a lot of room. If you have short toes, it should be fine. And for myself, they're definitely one of my most comfortable pairs.

    Ron Ron is another great shoe with a round toe that makes it better for people who have longer toes. Also B-width and very comfy.
  5. I assume you are referring to the décolleté 868 since you state that you're not into pointy toes. The pointy toe décolleté is the 554. Majority of my collection is the 554 and I got them TTS and one pair I got half a size down (patent) and they eventually stretched to comfort with no slippage, & I also didn't experience any scuffing on the patent leather. I have also never seen a nude calf leather décolleté.... They are always patent. I could be wrong? And if I am i definitely would love to get my hands on a pair!
  6. How do I know if my toes are long or short? None of my shoes except No Prive glitter (old) give a lot of toe cleavage, can just see a tiny bit of big toe cleavage. Does that mean my toes are on the shorter side?

    I am so confused about the sizing. CL website says that the Decollete is TTS?

    CL EU website has it in calf. Decollete 868 Calf 100. :smile:
  7. Really don't want them to stretch and give heel slippage, walking down the street and loosing your shoe is the worst. Embarassing, annoying and I have almost taken a tumble once too!

  8. Oh ok thanks! Not too into the almond shape but I'll keep checking maybe they will make it in the pointy toe.
    Also, I would personally take it based on your simples fit since they are somewhat similar. If worse comes to worse you could always return them and exchange