decollete 554 VS so kate

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am in search of a classic nude that will elongate the legs from the front..from my experience, the longer the toe box (the more of an illusion of elongation) thus, the pigalle was not included and I was not able to find a comparison btw 554 & so kate.

    The only difference I am aware is that 554 is 100mm whereas so kate is 120mm..

    From your experience, do any ladies here have both ? How do they compare in the "illusion" and comfort?

    Also, does CL ever make nudes without patent in 554, so kate, palais royal, alta dana?!?! To be honest, the most flattering nude I ever had was the CL no barre tan beige color (perfect for tan legs)...but it I was thinking of Palais Royale/Alta dama ...but they all are 'light pink nudes in patent'

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. I have a pair of nude kid 554, I purchased from Stanley Korshak
  3. Décolleté is longer in the toe box by a teensy bit like 4mm, but is obviously more comfortable.

    I also disagree that the longer the shoes the more they elongate the leg.
    You want a short vamp, smaller feet, and that has always been the case as per Chanel's capped/bicolored shoes for example.
  4. Hi:

    I have both.....The 554's show much more toe cleavage....also, the 554's the sides are cut higher than the so kates...i.e. so kates have lower both of these, so kates harder to walk in because of the heel height....554's can be an every day kates for me are for special occasions...would not want to stand all night in so kates.....
  5. I agree with CEC and grtlegs.
    It depends on what you are looking to use them for. Yes the toe box is longer in the 554 and the cut is higher as well, but since it is a 100 you can use it for daily wear. I can go easily over 8 hours.

    As for So Kates, they are strictly for going out for lunches or dinner/parties where I would not need to walk around so much.

    I have not seen a nude in either 554 or SK in nude other than patent. If you want something that is not patent, you might want to look into the cork version of SK if you are looking for a pair for going out.
  6. I don't know about the 554...but I have a few So kates and I can honestly say they are painful!!!
  7. I own a 554 nude kid, not patent... Purchased within the last 6 months

  9. Thanks!! I am just on their website, it seems like they do not carry CLs anymore?? :sad:
  10. Thanks ! Had no idea SKs were that painful, I thought it would be OK since pigalles are a pain to wear..and lots of ladies say SKs are much better:P
  11. I went on their site a few days ago, looking for the same item and saw they only had a size 6 left..... It may have sold out by now.....
  12. Just type in louboutin in the search

    Looks like like of sizes are sold out right now

    Keep checking back! Or email them they have great customer service
  13. omg thanks ladies! i just typed in 'louboutin' under search! found it!

    Am wondering if size 6 would be alright for me..? I have 36.5 in both 100mm pigalle lace & no barre jazz...both stretched but more so on the lace pigalle 100mm...had to stuff them like crazy ...will 36 in décolleté 554 fit properly ?
  14. Well I'm a true 39.5 in closed toe shoes and I got these in a 39.5 and the fit perfectly!

    Beauty is, with Stanley korshsak there is no taxes, free shipping and a nice return policy if they don't work out for you!