Decollete 554 pics. In hopes it helps someone else :)

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    When my DF wanted to buy me decolletes 554, I looked high and low for fit, sizing and style help. I don't have that many pairs, so I will do my best. All the wonderful ladies, please feel free to add on. Stilly helped me quiet a bit in my sizing decision.

    So here is a side and top view. It is quiet narrow in the toe box.

    For the sizing and fit. I went half a size up from my TTS. This was due to the very narrow toebox. Stilly, she is such a wealth of knowledge, agreed that it was best to go up half a size because the toebox is even narrower than the pigalle.
    image-171600204.jpg image-1249609217.jpg
  2. The decollete is a 100, here it is compared to a 140 heel, for those ladies that have a 140.
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    Here is the heel compared to the Maudissima (black) and the Bianca (red). The heel is quiet thin, It is the thinnest heel i believe CL makes, aside from the metal heels.
    image-1501684784.jpg image-2908109890.jpg image-1556740638.jpg
  4. thanks for taking the time with these pics!

  5. Thanks for the "real life"info! I've been considering the Decollete and wondering about the sizing while hoping someone would post some specific info about the toe box fit, etc. Sharing your experience has been very helpful!
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  7. Hey, im glad it helped
  8. Hi would you say this shoe fits the same as a pigalle 100? or smaller?

    What is the difference between these and pigalles?
  9. Edit - Oh never mind, didn't realize this discussion was about the pointy decolette!
  10. I thought Elisa was the thinnest heel. Do you know how heel of the Decollete compares to Elisa or Filo? These are a beautiful silhouette, and I'm looking for wedding shoes to strass.
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    Incredible!!!! I LOVE the silhouette of the 554. Is yours from this season, or last season, perhaps?

    It is very weird though that last season's 554 is different from this season's in respect to the Canari color. My leopard from last season has a shorter toe box than the Canari. I actually hated it so that one went back to Nordstrom. I'm very curious to know if that one color was an anomaly or if it changed.

    As for sizing, both of mine are.5 down from my tts. I am on the very low end though of sizing, fyi.

    They are all the same looking at my Fifi, Filo, and 554. Also, Sexy, Corneille, Paulina, etc. all have the same. I adore this heel.
  12. Hi shoeaddict - how did the 554 compare pigalle sizing? Also, what exactly is the difference other than the skinnier heel... it looks like the point is longer (if that make sense). I ordered the same that are revealed in this thread since the pigalles are so hard to come by. I hope they are fairly similar!
  13. My 554 is in between my 120 and 100 size. For reference I am 34.5 in 120, 35.5 in 100 (but can do a 35) and 35 in the 554. The 554's were a little tight in the toe at the very beginning, but they did stretch out and I am very happy I sized down. I say the major differences is the heel, of course, the longer toe box, and my favorite, more toe cleavage.
  14. Thanks so much! I think they should fit perfectly then. Hopefully I will like them:biggrin:
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    Hi everyone! I found it really difficult to determine how different the decollete 554 is from the pigalle, so here are some images plus my take on the difference in hopes it will help you all too!

    1) Sizing

    - I took these in the same size as my Pigalle 100s, 1/2 size up from my VPs, and 1/2 size down from my decollete 868 (my 868s have heel slippage but are comfy in the toes).

    2) Pigalle vs. Decollete 554

    - 554 has a significantly thinner heel
    - The arch of the shoe is more gradual on the pigalle than the 554 (ie larger opening between heel and outsole on pigalle)
    - The 554's outsole begins before and ends after the outsole of the pigalle
    - The 554 has a longer and thinner pointed toe box
    - The 554's toe box is cut lower (ie more toe cleavage)

    In my opinion, the decollete 554 elongates my legs more because of the longer toe box. I also thought that the pigalle was a more "work appropriate" shoe due to the more gradual arch and the heel which made it appear sturdier and classic.

    3) Which do I prefer?
    SHOCKINGLY, I prefer the 554. I was so hesitant when I tried these on at first because my BF was not a fan of the longer toe box and I don't particularly like toe cleavage. However, after trying them on a few more times since purchasing I think this shoe is surprisingly sexier and adds something different from the "normal" stiletto pointed heel. Now, I'm not saying I'm never buying a pigalle again, but I am glad that I went with this style - especially since I'm still learning about the styles and it's good to diversify. I definitely do see a nude pigalle in my future though because it is a classic and the heel will be more manageable when I have a real job. I also think the 554 is a good alternative to the hard-to-find pigalle for people who are like myself and prefer a pointed heel with a stiletto rather than curved heel like the Batignolles.

    Any other questions/comments let me know and I'll do my best to answer them. Here are some images to help explain all I wrote: