Declics have arrived !

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  1. They are here and lovely and very tall 5.5 " heel !!:heart::heart:... NAP was the fastest delivery service ever...:tup:
    th_IMG_0141.jpg th_IMG_0143.jpg
  2. Congrats Natassha! They look fantastic. How is sizing for you as compared to the declics 100mm?
  3. Hot!
  4. wooow! They are to die for!

    Are they comfortable?
  5. those look terribly high lol do they have platforms and are they comfy?
  6. Congrats!! They look so HOT. WOW. :drool:
  7. Thanks:smile: Lynn12

    Lady deluxe yes, the platform is about 3/4 of an inch, cofmy??... lol, for about 5 minutes or so :lol: but they are sooo lovely

    lavenderIce- Thanks soo much
    ... sizing is the same for these as the declic 100's, not as comfy as the 100's tho... these are like standing in pigalle's

    Thanks -efusik I agree, they are hot as hell :yes:
  8. I would not even attempt to walk in those, but they look great on you.
  9. These look so amazing on you- Congrats!
  10. wow! very sexy... i love it! congratulations cause you can carry that high shoes..
  11. wow, i would kill myself in those...but you look hot!
  12. Thanks, GemRuby,Boslvuton,Chai15 & dls80ucla ... they are great to look at, not sure how long I'll stand in them :lol:
  13. Natassha - THOSE ARE SOME FIERCE SHOES! :drool::heart: Wow - that's all I can say! Those are just, plain gorgeous.

    How do they feel on? Are they "sturdy"? I have never bought a pair of the pigalle 120 because the heel felt wobbly when I tried them on. Maybe I do need a pair of CL's sky high heels?
  14. Stinam - they are truly awesoem, I agree, they are sturdy, and they do feel like standing in pigalle's, except for the wobble... these as I mentioned above, not sure how long I will last in them before one wobbles down :lol:... did you get your shoes??
  15. Thanks for asking! :flowers: I think they did arrive. I got stuck at the office EXTREMELY late yesterday, and missed the concierge by the time I got home. I had a note from them that a package had arrived for me yesterday. I had to get back to work early today so I missed the concierge again when I left this morning. I can't tell you how anxious I am to get home tonight so that I can finally pick them up!!:yahoo: