Declic--Your Expert Advice Is Needed Badly!

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  1. #1 Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
    Girls, PLEASE help me out with this one!

    I usually wear a size 6.5; however, in my Rolandos--both the suede and satin--I fit a size 7. Can you please advise me as to what size I should order suede Declics in? I am going to order the red suede Declics so I need your best advice. Most gals (including one of the SAs at the BH boutique) have told me to order a size 7 since the Declic and Rolando have a similar cut, but I am still completely anxious over this decision. Help!!! :sos:

    :heart: Vixx
  2. Im US 8 but 38.5 in most CLs (39 in simple, decolette or rolando). I also noticed and was confirmed by one of the CL store SAs that the Declic sizing is different based on what material they are. For example, I own the nude kid leather ones in 38 and EB suede ones in 38.5. hope this helps
  3. I just went through this. Actually, you could order either, but I'd go for the 6.5 because the suede will be forgiving.

    My scenario - I wear a 39 (38/8 US) and have a medium width foot. I went one-half size up for Rolando (from my NP/VP size), meaning a 39.5 and the fit was perfect. The Declic's are running slightly longer this year and I ordered a 39 (my NP/VP size). I will say that the fit is borderline AT FIRST. But they stretch and are extremely comfy without any heel slipage.

    I hope this helps.

    Also - The smaller your foot to begin with the less need you have to size up or down in CL.
  4. My Rolandos and Declics are the same size, so based on what you have I would say you can get your Declics in a 7.
  5. it's interesting, i do have heel slippage in my smaller sized kid leather Declic
  6. What I've learned is that very few people are alike, too many variables. From now on when I give sizing advice I'm going to give my foot measurements as well as circumference.
  7. I'm an 8.5 US, and a 39 in suede Rolandos, suede Declics, and kid Declics. However, if it's the higher heel, it might be different sizing.
  8. i'd order size 7 in the suede declics.
  9. i am between a us 7.5 and 8 and got my EB declics in a 38 and they fit perfectly. so i would say half a size up would work.
  10. I would also recommend a 37 - a half size up is perfect for me.
  11. I am a US size 8 and the black kid Declics size 38.5s fit me perfectly, but a 38.5 in suede Rolandos was too tight. For reference, I'm a 38.5 in VPs and Simples.