declic question

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  1. What heel height does the suede declic come in? (I am hoping it comes is 85mm or at most 100mm)
  2. I think the lowest they come in are 120mm, 100mm w/ 20mm platform.
  3. 120mm and 140mm as far as I know
  4. well it used to be called 100mm, but this season they changed it to 120mm.... (and it also comes in old 120mm, now called 140mm) but technically it is the same height as the old 100mm - about 4 inches...
  5. thanks everyone! unfortunately too tall for me
  6. You might try simples? They come in some low heels.

    The declics in my avatar are the 120mm - the lower version.
  7. yea, I have the simples, 85mm, that is the highest I have gone with CL. I just love the look of the declic toe box.
  8. Peter emailed these out earlier, and from this angle the toebox looks really similar to the Declic. I don't know the style name or price on this, waiting to hear back from him.

    Was there a particular reason you didn't want to go up to 120mm? It is a bit high, but the Declics are really comfortable so the 120's really aren't so bad IMO.

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  9. Yes, the "120" declic that used to be called the 100 declics are very very comfortable and easy to walk in, due to the inner platform.

    Nicci, I thought those looked like the simple 70's.
  10. Thanks. I asked Peter but haven't heard back yet. For some reason (maybe the angle) the toebox just didn't look as round as the Simples I've seen.
  11. I have the 120s and I can wear them all day. So beautiful.
  12. The ron ron is sorta similar to the declic toe and comes in a 85mm.
  13. I have the older 120s in my avatar. These are now called the 140mm. I can wear them just fine. Took some getting used to, but I love them!
  14. which is more comfy?140 declics or 120 clichy?
  15. ^^I would say the Declic 140 is a little more comfortable.