Declic - magenta/violet suede: which season is it from?

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  1. hiya. are the colours of the declics and other CLs seasonal? also the fabric? or do they have certain colours or material which are always available every season?
  2. in short - no. last season there was EB suede and yellow, also nude, white and black kid. this season there is red, fuchsia, navy, black, anthracite, purple, lilac and magenta/fuchsia. i haven't seen/heard anything about kid leathers this season
  3. I'm pretty sure that most if not all CL's are to be considered seasonal with the only exception being classics such as black.

    This years Declic's (as far as I can tell) are Navy, Emerald, Black, Anthracite, Gray, Fuchsia, Lilac, Purple, Magenta and Dark Red/Burgundy. (All Suede)

    Someone else will chime in if they know of other colors.
  4. oh how lovely. you know where i can find a pair? or is that a question to be posted elsewhere? since singapore boutique is rumoured to be opening this november, i am wondering if they will have some...
  5. I wish they'd come out with some fun kid or patent ones - suede is so hard to maintain!
  6. ^^^ Barneys - Black
    SFA - Gray, Dark Red & Navy
    NM - Magenta & Navy
    *CL Boutiques - Lilac, Purple, Red, Emerald & Anthracite

    *Not all of them have all colors
  7. I've seen brown suede in the magazines but I'm not sure which stores will be carrying those. So far the missing ones I know are:

    All suede *I think*:
    - Brown
    - Peacock blue
    - Beige
  8. There are a few Barneys that still haven't marked down their nude/black kids cause they think they're classics. :rolleyes:
  9. I've seen brown suede in Instyle magazine, so I think they might be coming
  10. Me want the fuschia/magenta or are they two different colors? Does anyone have a pic of the two side by side to see the difference?
  11. I don't think the magenta ones are out yet, but magenta is a more purplish pink while fuchsia is a bright pink.
  12. Fuchsia and magenta are two different colors. The Fuchsia is like a HOT pink color, and magenta is more of a purpley/berry color.




  13. ^^Thanks, *Lo!
  14. That is hugely helpful! Thank you Lo! I guess it's the fuschia that I want then! Oh and the EB. sigh....
  15. No Problem Lauren and neverenough!! HTH! Neverenough they have the fuchsia Declic 120mm at CL Beverly HIlls