Declic heights!

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  1. I got the part about boutiques carrying the 120mm and the department stores the 100's. Is there a 140 too? Are those walkable like the Pigalle 120?
  2. umm. for me, the 120s are not walkable LOL. But I think the 140 would sorta be like walking in 120s but probably more comfy cause of the platform.
  3. I havent even tried any on.....I just know I want declics......bad!
  4. So the 120 doesn't have a platform and the 140 does?
  5. ^^No, by definition, all Declics have a platform. The 100 was actually 120mm and the "120" was actually 140 mm. They are accurately labeled this time around, though.
  6. Lol now I'm all confuzzled. :smile:

    Are there only 2 heights then?
  7. ^^Yeah, as far as I can tell. The 120s from this season definitely look like the 100s from last season.
  8. Right, thank you! Now I know what to look for. :heart:
  9. Ugh tell me about it - I bought the 100s hoping they'd be an easy shoe and they advance me to new heights where I can hardly walk. LOL
  10. that explains everything! remember the red suede declics i just got?! says120mm on the box. so when i compared them to my other declics from last season (100mm) and lined them up they were all the same height. I was really confused, but as always, you come to the rescue. :tup:
  11. ^^Oh good! I'm glad you did that so we all know for sure!
  12. I guess it would not be good if I ordered these in my true size even if it's suede? I see a pair of EB ones I'm dying to have.
  13. I had to go up half a size, even in the suede. You might be able to stretch them though, especially if you have a narrower foot.
  14. techie, are you talking about the ones that NGG has? If so, those are the 140s and they might fit a bit bigger than the 100s, so your true size might work.
  15. ^^ Yep, Laureen! Thanks to you both :smile: