Declaring Violet and Jaune big hits.

  1. :tup: Everyone I've seen so far has been spectacular! Congrats all.
  2. The leather on all the violets and jaune bags has been great! I would still love to see a jaune SGH city.
  3. no doubt! FABulous bags this season!
  4. i am so impressed with my violet... i cannot believe how soft the leather is... the bag literally collaspes if nothing is in it. it's almost as if the leather is the amazing broken in state without it being used! and you can't top the color--gorgeous!
  5. I totally agree! I am so pumped!!!
  6. Indeed, they have ALL been just gorgeous! Keep the pics coming...
  7. I agree ! and I wanna see MORE pics !
  8. I also want to see more photos
  9. love both colors. loving all the pictures i have seen so far. total eye candies.
  10. Me, too!!!

    Love both colors and I'm drooling all over pics:p
  11. I can't wait to get one in my hands!!!!