decisons decisons: Vermillon City or First


Vermillon First or City

  1. First

  2. City

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  1. Hi girls, I need to sleep over this:sweatdrop: . which Vermillon should I get? I am usually in black and dark colours (banking profession) for work. I live in jean capris/da nang cargos, plain tank nursing tops and vintage wash Ts over the weekend.
    I already have the following:
    First: Ink , Rouille
    City: Sapin, Emerald, Lilac
    part time: Blue India
  2. Girls, pls help me!
  3. city - it is a more practical style - holds more etc :smile:
  4. City for sure! So much more versatile!
  5. I say city since you already have a rouille first but no red-toned city!
  6. city! u already have rouille first!
  7. My vote also goes for the City!
  8. city
  9. I say city also. It's the most classic Bal style, IMO.
  10. Since you already have roullie first, I think you should get vermillion in City. :yes:
  11. City gets my vote! :smile: