decisons decision.. please help


Oct 31, 2006
hi ladies...i asked this in the chanel section too..

i love all the pics of the chanel baby cabas. that bag is TDF.
i thought i "needed" the LV manhattan gm and was about to buy it but my aunt saw that it wa made in USA so she persuaded me not to do it. i thought the baby cabas would cost an arm and a leg but it's around the same as the manhattan.... so which one ladies?

manhattan or baby cabas??

i have a mj blake bag that looks like the manhattan btw..

Well this is an LV forum, so you're more than likely going to get all votes for the Manhattan GM.

As to where the bag is made, it doesn't really matter. The quality is all the same no matter where it's made. ;)
I love chanel but personally I think cabas is kinda trendy bag. My vote is Manhattan GM, it's classic!

I feel like I carry "so yesterday " bag if I carry cabas let say for the next 3 years but it won't be the case with Manhattan GM.