decison: Speedy or stainless steel cookware?!

  1. LOL, I have a decision to make....I have a VISA gift card and want to use it towards either replacing one of speedys I sold (mono or azur) OR purchase an All-Clad stainless steel cookware set (I have been wanting this for years). Any suggestions?? :confused1::shame:
  2. Get the bag!:okay:
  3. Ummmmm.....Mono Speedy!!
  4. Speedy!!! since i can't cook... LOL
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. Do you cook much? If not get the Speedy and go eat out ... LOL!
  7. LOL I'm with you :lol:
  8. You asked this question on THE PURSE BLOG!!!

  9. You did ask this question on the purse blog, but you said you've been wanting the cookware for years AND you're replacing the speedies?

    So (leans back in chair) what are you using to cook on now? Is it beat up or totally usable?
    And why did you sell or get rid of your speedies in the first place? Were you in a money bind or was there something you didn't like about them?
  10. speedy! duh! lol
  11. Speeeeeeedy!
  12. i guess everyone in this forum would suggest speedy :graucho:
  13. Go for the speedy, and then save for the cookware..
  14. LOL!! If you need the cookware bad then I would go with that. I never like buying/paying for that stuff so its easier for me to get it if its a gift. Also was the gift card for you? Or like you and your hubby or family if your married? I dont like buying something for me if the gift card was meant for "us".
  15. Cookware is a necessity. If it's on sale, I would get that. The Speedy will be around forever.

    I can't believe I just typed that.