1. hey ya'll :biggrin:
    first of all i just wanted to say how happy i am to have joined this forum..
    i just turned 18 at the begining of this month and i really want to buy a nice handbag
    my first designer handbag was an Lv pleaty ( the bigger one )
    and i was wondering what should i get thats suitable for my age
    i was wondering,,
    mayb a balenciaga or another Lv say,, speedy or mayb something from chanel
    im not sure i just want something not too expensive and something that wont go out of fashion in like a few months or something..
    any suggestions? :biggrin:
  2. I think a Balenciaga city is appropiate for your age and it's not a seasonal bag.
    The classical Chanels are to old-looking for a 18 year old IMO and the younger looking Chanles like the Cabas is a fashionable bag.
    LV is always a safe option, too. The MC white bags are nice.
  3. You can't go wrong with Louis Vuitton! (hey I just rhymed he he)
    Seriously, the classic LV Mono never goes out of style, nor does the Epi (IMO). Although I love Chanel bags, I agree with Tanja that it's a little too old-looking for an 18-year old. You're young, get a fun bag! Have you checked out the LV Vernis line?
  4. The LV pochette accessoires would be a nice addition. They are great for college age girls for going out, or just carrying around the essentials. Monogram is always so fashionable and classic.
  5. balenciaga first or city :yes:
  6. You can't go wrong with a Balenciaga! Mabye a First of a City! : )
  7. Hey thanx ya'll for replying :biggrin:
    i agree chanel is way too old for my age ,, anyway im gna check out the balenciagas and Lvs :biggrin: ...
  8. Welcome to tPF! I agree about Chanel--save it for when you're older. At your age, wear the trendier things. LV and Balenciaga have great bags for your age.

    I love the regular LV Pleaty! I gave one to my niece--just right on a young woman!