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  1. So I have a damier papillon 30 which I love, but i just discovered the damier duomo which I think I love too. I really don't want or really need two damier bags so... what should I do, Sell the papillon and get the duomo or keep the papillon and forget about the duomo?
  2. Duomo :yes:
  3. i have both so it would be a tough choice. the Papillon works as a shoulder bag though, and the Duomo doesn't, so if you prefer one or the other that migth help you make your decision
  4. Also ladies I already have two other papillons beside the damier, maybe that could help?
  5. Sell the pap and get the Duomo!
  6. Yes I think I will get the duomo, anyone have pictures of theirs?
  7. I say sell the pap and get the Duomo!

    Of course, I have screwed up my whole collection so I don't know how good my advice is!
  8. sell the papillon, and get the duomo..
  9. Duomo, the pap is too common...
  10. here's mine, with me in the picture :P
    duomo 001.jpg duomo 002.jpg duomo 003.jpg duomo 004.jpg
  11. Duomo! It's cute!
  12. I love the duomo!