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  1. now that the patent bordeaux is all out of stock..
    my choices will be left to either

    the brown lambskin with ghw or
    the soho python...and which color or
    the black reissue wif ghw ?

    the lambskin : is it durable enough?
    python : will the scales curl up and drop ? :sad:
    black reissue : it looks like an old bag.... hehe

    help...i cant seem to make up my mind~
  2. #2 Oct 15, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010
    My vote is to either soho python in grey or black reissue.

    Lambskin is not as durable as caviar but it's manageable. But... personally, not a big fan of the 10A brown though.

    soho python is unique and limited and most of all, GORGEOUS! However, I don't think it'll be an everyday bag. I don't have much experience with python so hard to comment on its durability. Maybe you can ask gaga_ser or nscwong?

    The black reissue has distressed leather and IMO, it's meant to look like vintage. I personally LOVE distressed leather even more than caviar!

    So... It depends on what you're looking for. If you want everyday bag, black reissue or caviar bags (though not on the list) might be better. If not, soho python flap! Or... wait a bit till 2011 Cruise or S/S collection comes out! Who knows if there will be tons of TDF colors? ;)


  3. haha, i think gaga and nscwong just bought their bags, it will be too soon to see the scales curling and dropping. :biggrin:
    anyway, thanks for ur suggestion.
  4. Soho python for sure! It's because the other two are boring :P
  5. :biggrin: haha.. is the red color in your picture shows the true color in real life ? very stricking red?
  6. Go with Python. I like grey best myself but perhaps the one in red is better for you.
  7. how u know red is better for me? :biggrin:
    if it is too stricking, i wouldn't dare to bring it out too...