1. So I get a graduation gift and I've had my heart set on getting my very first Chanel :love: I still have trouble talking myself into believing that it's worth all that money b/c I do have a stingy side, but I've been yearning for one for the longest time and I guess it is, afterall, a good investment :yes: So I either want a medallion or a classic flap. My first choice was a cambon, but I figured those were more classic styles even though I am young. I want a black and white Chanel so I need to decide how to match it up with the purse I want. I like both of them in white preferrably, but white does get dirty. I was leaning more towards a white classic flap and black medallion? Or should it be the other way? Any opinions? ;)
  2. My vote is for the black medallion. I think it is gorgeous! Or the new lux bowlers are fabulous, but a bit more expensive...
  3. I was thinking about a bowler too, but I guess I wanted a more "dressy" bag. How much are those anyways?