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  1. Well I'm leaving for Wales (via John Lewis at Bristol) in just over two hours so I've got to make a final decision about red Mabel.
    It is a lovely bag but it is the colour that I'm still not happy about. Should I hang onto it knowing I'm unlikely to get another one - and it will look great in winter.
    Or should I return it?
    I've take some pics of it with a true red T-shirt so you can see the tone.
    What would you do?

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  2. SJ - I am going to be the first and say that I love it! I love deep reds, though. If you are not happy with it, maybe you should return????
  3. It is a lovely deep red but it's not the zingy pillar box red I've seen in the stores. I had it in my mind that it would be a brilliant summer bag with white linen, navy etc but this one is just too wintry.
    Oooh you missed all the fun this morning - I nearly had a fit when I opened it & saw the colour!
  4. Hello SJ,

    When I first got my Red Mabel I didn't think it was bright enough...but I love it now...could u take a pic of ur red mabel with a flash so I can check it against mine?
  5. Oooh difficult one! It IS a gorgeous bag, & a lovely colour even though it's not quite what you had in mind. But then I'm with kroquet, I like reds to be on the burgundy side rather than orange (I really can't do orange it makes me look ill!). Sounds to me like you like the size & style of the bag, it's just the colour's not quite right. So can you live with it? Would you be able to find a pillar box red anywhere?:confused1::confused1:
  6. SJ ,that really isn't too different to mine you know.I think you can wear it with navy etc just not with anything bright red , and like I said mine is darkening with use.I say keep it. Try it with navy trousers and a tee...
  7. I would say if it's not right now it's never going to be right. You didn't instantly love it therefore there will always be something niggling.

    I say let it go SJ, there is a fabulous red bag out there for you, just not right at this minute.
  8. What about the seville color? My Jody is bright and cheery.
  9. Yes yours is lovely Kroquet, but I think she has her mind set on red mabel:Push:
  10. I agree with riffraff - you're never going to be happy with this bag as it's not quite what you're after. Anytime you hear about a red Mabel, you'll be wondering if it's a "better" one.

    My only caveat is that I wonder whether this one has just been kept in a dustbag in a drawer for a few months and not out on display. Do you think it could lighten with exposure to air/sun whatever? Have you tried it outside in natural daylight? Have you taken a photo of it in natural daylight?

    It could be that the Holy Grail red you've got in your mind is because of flourescent lighting in shops or flash photography. If the HG red doesn't actually exist, it would be a shame to let go of this one.

    Sorry, I realise that this doesn't help. It's just another thing for you to ponder :yes:

    ETA that shade of red, now that it's next to the t-shirt, does look like the shade of red I've seen in John Lewis (the only place I've seen the red Mabel) so I wouldn't be certain that it's a dodgy dye batch.
  11. SJ my Red Mabel pic that I posted was taken with flash so looks alot brighter than it really is..Mine's not that different to urs. I agree with Ditab that it would be a shame to let this one go if u've see other red mabels under different lighting conditions.
  12. Would anyone like to start a betting pool and throw in what you think she'll do? lol:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. Sj, my advice would be to hold onto the bag for a week, keep looking at it and try it on with different outfits and see how you feel in a few days. Don't make an impulsive decision now (that's the advice on the AOL horoscope bit today!!!!!)
  14. God that's so typically me - I'm after a bag they've never made!
    Ditab, I think you could be right about the colour looking different in JL because of the lights. The mini I saw looked a much brighter red.
    Once again I want to thank you all for your help with another of my bag saga, you're all so great!
    Decision is made - not-so-red Mabel is going back. She's very lovely but she's not the bag for me. So if anyone is after a sale one, there'll be one at John Lewis in Cribbs Causeway!
  15. They were all convinced that I was already zooming off in my Mini either trying to get another red one or buying a coral bag from Shepton! And all the time I was at my desk in my PJs!!! :nuts:

    You are right though, I have bag fever so I am going to be on the look out (told them all I was giving up buying bags!!! Don't think they bought it tho..) :nogood: