1. guyyys help
    i picked up the mbymj dr. q tote in chocolate but i'm having second thoughts...
    anyone have an opinion?
    i kinda wanted it to be big enough to use for putting notebooks in too (i did that with my mbymj totally turnlock and it worked great)
    i was also looking at the kooba elisha in taupe suede, but i couldn't find much practicality in it.

  2. I vote for the dr q! cute!
  3. ditto on the Dr. Q. it's an excellent value for the mbmj line.
  4. Same here.
  5. Keep the dr q tote! It's really cute & practical looking.
    The Kooba is also cute but if you need it as a school bag, I don't think it would fit everything.. also suede is sort of high-maintenence and probably not the best idea if you're carrying it every day & probably putting it on the floor.
  6. :tup::yes::yahoo::wlae: