Which One

  1. Small Watercolor Hamptons Tote

  2. Small Black Soho Leather

  3. Black Sig East West Duffle

  4. Hamptons last years patchwork hobo

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  1. I can't decide what bag to use i hate that feeling!
  2. So are these bags ones that you have already? And just need a little help deciding?
  3. I voted for the black sig e/w duffle because I love that bag!!!! I have it and use it all the time!!!!

    By the way are these in your current collection? And if so is there a specific function you're trying to plan for? :p
  4. Since it is summer, i picked the watercolor.
  5. i have them already
  6. I went with watercolor too. :smile: I think it only really works in the spring and summer so I'd say use it while you can! Fall will be here soon enough.
  7. voted for the watercolor's too fun not use during summer :smile: