Decisions... Used oak cookie bays vs berry cream Cecily

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  1. What do you guys think? I sold my sbs cookie satchel so I have a little bit for a bag. Originally I planned to go to the outlet to buy the blush Alexa but right now it's just too expensive so I could buy a used oak cookie bayswater or a regular Cecily berry cream with flower clasp bnwt. They are about the same price.. I've been wanting an oak cookie FOREVER it was the bag that brought me to mulberry. But I don't need an oak bag I have a regular oak alexa and a bayswater (but its black). But it's still on the top of my wish list and I really love the style it's very feminine and easy to carry and it's for a great reasonable price but its not new it is slightly used. But since i I've sold my only light colored small bag I think the Cecily would be more logical and it is also pinky which is a plus because I've been wanting a pink bag but I don't think it's TOO pink..which should i go for?
  2. Hiya, seeing that you sold the cookie specifically for the blush alexa, perhaps you could save up a bit and buy in a few months? My experience with this is even if you buy something else you ll still be thinking about the blush alexa and will get it sooner or later...
  3. I would like to but really I don't feel comfortable spending that much right now and I like both these bags the same and these are cheaper so I'm pretty happy with either of the two and am much happier with the prices :smile:
  4. I think it's nice to have different colour bags/ sizes so I would go for the Cecily. However if you have always loved the bay water cookie then another option is that you could always sell the oak Alexa or your black baywater and then get both.
  5. remind me what bags you own again?
    I am thinking cecily for the colour
  6. I have:

    Oak Alexa
    Zig zag Alexa
    Flame calf hair Alexa
    Valentine Alexa
    OS chocolate Alexa
    Bayswater spongy black
    Large ss lily khaki
    Teddy tiger fur Dorset
    Black regular Cecily with flower clasp

    :O! Lol so the berry would be a color
    I need?
  7. I think you will enjoy a second cecily :smile:
  8. I think so too! I use my other one a lot! Also being vertically challenged (4'11) I'm worried the bays would look HUGE on me! My OS and my black bays look pretty big but the Cecily looks just right :smile:
  9. so cecily it is then!!
    I enjoy tpf as we can come and chat about these things with no judgements! hehe
  10. Oh I know I tried asking my mom she could care less and same with my boyfriend hahahaha he's just like "do whatever" and I'm like OK THANKS so helpful lol! But here you guys really know and we've all been in the same situation I am also really leaning for the Cecily because I really like my bags new :smile:
  11. ahahahahahaha.
    I like my bags new too. I am a bag snob!
  12. The Cecily is lovely. Then again if you have always wanted the cookie maybe that's the one for you? I have the medium Cecily but despite the name it's not really pink at all - definitely more cream.
  13. can't wait to see pictures.
    I am so excited thinking about it! I need a new bag buzz.......(I am such a bag addict!)
  14. I officially jumped the gun just now! Berry cream Cecily it is! got it for an amazing deal! And i just love my black one so I decided oh what the hell (excuse my language lol!) it is exactly what I need and even under budget! I love the cookie but I think I'm going to wait for a sbs one in oak as I am just too small for the regular one (I don't really carry my bayswater enough as it is) and I don't need a big bag back has been giving me problems and that was really the deciding factor it is still a girly playful light colored bag and I am so excited! :biggrin:
  15. yay very excited for you! I know the buzz of waiting for a new bag.