Decisions to make!

  1. Ok I want to get a new bag (from all this forum influence! hehe) and I've narrowed my choices (at least I think so!)...I need input since you ladies (and gents) have such good taste!

    So here goes...
    Vernis Lexington in Perle (or Framboise?)
    Reade in Perle?
    Speedy 25
    Epi Honfleur in Mandarin


    I know I'm kind of all over the map, I think this will be my last bag before I retire..for the year...haha...I have to save up after for vacation with the bf. :amuse:
  2. What wonderful choices! I love them all! Sorry, I'm no help...
  3. It's hard for me to choose because the styles are so different. I'm biased because the bag I'm eyeing for myself is the perle Lexington.

    But if you don't yet have a Speedy, get that! You can't go wrong there. It's reasonably priced for the size and the most classic of those choices.
  4. speedy 25 if it's damier or epi.

    or reade
  5. Speedy
  6. Reade, but in framboise :amuse: I keep looking at it on ELux. Such a pretty color!
  7. Speedy. Its a good everyday, take it anywhere, match with anything, cant go wrong bag.

    Good luck!!
  8. Speedy, I think it's the most practical of the bunch.