Decisions To Make!lol!

  1. SO u all know the 2 Expandable flaps I have from this past season..I have them in black and that salmon pink color.
    WELLLLLLLLLLLLL.I have been DYING for a BROWN CHANEL BAG!I found out this past seasons style NOW comes in dark brown and is available now...UGH!HOWever I was ANNOYED that the price went UP from 2350ish to over 2600...How FRUSTRATING IS THAT!!!!UGH!

    SO ....Here is my decision...should I get the old style(THAT I ADORE!) in brown too, or wait for the NEW expandable tote in brown.I kinda LOVE the flap I Im unsure.Im thinkin Im gonna get the new expandable tote in RED at least..and maybe brown.SO ...Should I wait for the new tote or get this one.The new tote is only 2295ish,or around that.....
    My store has the new one in black so I may try to go look at it tomorrow in black.....
  2. I heard from a little birdie - No black for you!! hehehe.:p
    Gee, I am no help in the decision making - they all seem so wonderful....:hysteric:

    Except for the price increase - I really hate it when I have the same thing already but now they want me to pay more!!!:cursing:

    Good luck on your decision!!:yes:
  3. I actually like the flap better than the snap top new tote.Cuz when I travel in Europe...I prefer to have a bag that closes shut...KWIM?
  4. That makes a lot of sense about the flap ...Boy, this is a hard one....

    I do love that red though....
  5. I think you should go for the new brown expandable tote, but just because you already have the flap in 2 colors. I do however favor the flap, it's so cute and modernly classy. I was actually looking at it today!!
  6. MIND U...LOL..I will still get the new expandable tote in at least red too..HEHE!
  7. my thinking is dark brown expandable flap and red expandable tote. I'm nuts about chanel dark brown and I'm sure it s gonna be gorrrrrgeous on the expandable flap...
  8. ^^pls post pix of the dark brown flap if you get it...I might crack my ban and get one too (gawd I'm soooo weak for choco brown)!
  9. ^It wont let me post the pic from the SA...PM me your email addy and Ill forward it to u
  10. I think you really want the old one in brown, but you hate buying it at higher price (I don't blame you). I feel the same way about the flap bags. I hate these increases. But, then again, you do already have two of them. Hmmmm, what to do?

    I am also getting that red tote. Love it!

    I also heard you were not to be buying anymore black bags. LOL
  11. I figured I could get the flap tote in the brown NOW(Im dying from impatience...LOL!)..then get the red one when that comes in in the newer version.
    Im also waitlisted for the HAWAIIAN dark silver.and the SHARPEI I just got in black in brown....LOL...So I gotta chill after this...
  12. HI Jill,

    I say wait:nuts:! Good luck!
  13. You are so not gonna chill after this lol! I say wait for the brown expandable tote and get the red one too. If you dont like the tote you can always get the flap. Be a patient girl
  14. Jill is SO NOT PATIENT....LMAO...UGH
  15. OMG Jill, thanks for emailing me the pix! I say the dark brown expandable flap is a DEFINITE go! It's my favorite color yet for this bag. I want that and the Leo bag. :yes: