Decisions so confused!!

  1. Okay, I am in the hunt for my next HAC and having a hard time trying to decide between a gold or a rouge both with gold hardware. I want a color that would be just as functional in my wardrobe as my black HAC. Would the rouge be for holidays and valentines day? The gold for summer with white? :confused1::confused1:
  2. I think they're both great and very versatile. But I had to choose one... then gold with gold is fab IMO :tup:
  3. I would go for rouge.
    It's neutral, yet completely stands out!
  4. IMO, you can't go wrong with either.
  5. gold all the way for me, J! good luck on the search!
  6. I say Gold. I have a Gold Togo Birkin and it works with everything.
  7. I have both gold/gold togo and a rouge h/palladium 35 birkins. I find I use the gold more often. The rouge just seems a bit more "wintery" and the gold seems more all year round to me.
  8. Both are stunning options :heart:
  9. i vote gold!!!!!!!
  10. Hmmm that is such a tough call! I think I vote Rouge, mainly because I think the one you are considering might be Chevre and YUM. :heart:
  11. another vote for gold!
  12. Gold for me too!!
  13. Personally I LOVE Rouge H with gh, but tend to prefer gold with ph, so I'd definitely go with the former.
  14. these are both such classic colors in H, what a lovely dilemma! Though I am partial to Rouge H..... oh, either can't wait to see the modeling pics!!!
  15. Vote for the rouge. Super stunning!