Decisions: ps11 mini or tiny?

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  1. Hello ladies I am going to purchase my first ps11 and I am lusting over canvas colour which is a pale dusty pink!
    I am a petite frame ,160 cm and i tried both mini and tiny and I am a bit torn : the mini can fit my mini iPad but the tiny is such a cutie[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]Please help me [emoji5]️[emoji5]️[emoji5]️ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1429255102.876427.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1429255134.703546.jpg
  2. I'd go for the mini :smile:
  3. Thanks [emoji5]️[emoji122]🏼
  4. Gorgeous colour!
    If your heart is set on the tiny then you should get that. . . otherwise the mini is such a practical, well designed compact bag that I'd recommend it over the smaller bag.
  5. thank you so much ....i am also a bit torn about colour since i saw the orange pumpkin and it is lovely:graucho::graucho: ....i am usually not a fan of orange but this is delicious ....

    what do you think ? is ps11 leather super delicate ?
  6. No it's not super delicate at all. The smooth leather is more inclined to scratches that rub out easily in my experience and I think it's also more likely to show some water marks on untreated dark colours if you get caught in the rain. . . but I haven't personally experienced this with my smooth leather PS11s.
    If you have the option in the colour and size you want of choosing between textured and smooth leather, the textured leather is especially tough and easy to care for. Old PS11s in textured leather can still look like new without much care at all.
    Good luck with the colours :smile:
  7. Thank you so much Straight Laced[emoji4][emoji4] I ended up buying the mini Classic in pale pink , ordered it yesterday on the ( this colour only comes in smooth leather) ....I am so excited and will reveal it soon , stay tuned [emoji111]🏼[emoji1][emoji1]
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