Decisions! Prada Wallet or Chanel Wallet?

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  1. Hi lovelies, I have been thinking of getting a new wallet recently but I just could not decide on which one to get. Both Prada and Chanel are really beautiful. I love the Prada Saffiano tri-colour wallet in terms of its lighter weight and the sturdy saffiano leather which I believe it will last me for a long time.

    As for a Chanel, I have yet to see a Caviar leather ones. The lambskin ones looks beautiful too but it didn't seems will last longer than the saffiano. I love the Chanel wallet given to it timeless elegance and classy looking.

    I'm looking for a long term wallet since swapping wallet is quite a chore. What do you girls think? any inputs will be really appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Both Chanel and Prada make timeless wallets. But I would go for the Chanel in this case. Caviar leather is very durable, and Chanel raises their prices frequently. You can always get a Prada wallet later with a modest price increase, unlike the Chanel where you may pay almost double the amount in 2 years or so.