Decisions... please, please help!

  1. If you had the chance to buy a beige PST @ $500 and you already own a beige flap and a black PST, would you do it just for the price?

    I'm afraid of having too many of the same kind of bags, should I save my $500 for something else? Should I buy this and sell one of the others?

    Help please! Thanks!
  2. $500 is a really good price for a beige PST. You could always sell it in the future to buy another bag. But if your only buying the bag because it is a good deal than you should pass.
  3. I say save your $500 another great bag will always come along. Only buy it if you really want to.
  4. Sorry I can't pass up a good deal I would so go for it!!! (or let me buy it :smile: been looking for one!)
  5. ITA with Syma..:yes:
  6. For that price I'd have to buy it and see how much I used it compared to my other bags. Then I'd sell whichever one I was neglecting out of the three. Good luck! And if you decide against it, post it in the authentic deals for someone else to snag!!
  7. Don't buy just because its a good deal-do u really love the bag??
  8. Thanks for all the responses! Well, I bought it because I really do like it, I'm just worried about having too many beige bags. I think I'm going to keep the ones I like and then sell the other(s). Not yet a member of the sell/buy forum so to eBay it goes!

    You guys are awesome!
  9. love to see a pic :smile:
  10. If it is a bag you really love I would go for it. Don't get it just because it is a great deal - which it is!