Decisions on Celine box hardware color , need help asap!! help

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have been wanting a Celine box for a while but I always want it in black with silver hardware which is really hard to come by. Now I found this dark grey one with silver. The hardware is more of a muted/matte silver instead of shiny.
    Then I heard that gold hardware actually goes very well with this particular style? Is this true?

    My sa is waiting for me to make a decision between black with gold or grey with silver . If anyone would give me some advices asap I would really appreciate! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466451593.848813.jpg

  2. This gray with silver hardware looks a little boring IMHO. I think the black and gold looks so much more classy and striking, but I guess it depends what look you're going for. Good luck deciding.
  3. I think I saw this bag last week, it's from the FW16, with the super soft leather. The leather is gorgeous and feels like velvet.

    I really like the grey, it's a great neutral and versatile colour but obviously won't take the place of a black bag. I don't like gold hardware so when I choose a bag I choose the hardware first then pick from the available bag colours. Only with my cabas belt did I take gold because there is only an inside zip.

    You probably have to decide how important silver hardware is to you then go from there. Good luck!!
  4. I usually pefer siliver hardware but I don't like this combo. This matte silver hardware makes the grey look boring and not stand up in my opinion. Otherwise, I think if it was shinny silver hardware, it would totally be a perfect match. So... I vote for black and gold hardware.
  5. Another vote for black with gold hardware because I feel like with silver hardware, the bag doesn't stand out at all. The whole silhouette and astestics of the bag itself is clean and simple but with the touch of gold, it makes it that much more sophiscated and classic. It's really up to you though, don't settle for something unless you really love it. Good luck!
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  7. Yea a shiny silver would be great and if it comes in black leather, that would be even better. I do know lots Celine fans have been waiting for them to come out bags with silver hardware.
  8. I would really love it if there's a black with shiny silver hardware. But God knows when Celine will be making one of those.
    I'm tired of waiting for years. I guess I will be getting black with gold hardware cuz I already informed my sa. Lol
  9. Thanks all for the advices!
  10. Please do a reveal when you receive it:smile:
  11. I was just in Beverly Hills and saw this gorgeous Storm colored box in person and fell in love as I've always wanted a box with silver hardware as well but unfortunately I'm really petite and can't wear the medium box and they don't make the small box in this color :sad: I wasn't very fond of the aged silver hardware though but still If I could wear the medium box I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!!

  12. Oh Lauren you made me want the grey one again lol but my black and gold is on her way
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  13. Will do this will be my first Celine piece. I'm so excited
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  14. Can't wait to see the reveal :smile: