Decisions Oh My~~

  1. Ladies- perhaps another view may help. I have been wanting a Mini Kelly Clutch for quite sometime. My SA has just called me an offered me a Blue Jean w/white stitching but it is swift. I am at a quandary as what to do.

    I also go to podium in February for a special Birkin that I want. Do I pass on this and put the funds towards the Birkin:confused1:

    My reservation about the Kelly Clutch is the leather- I am a perfectionist and would freak if the leather got scratched. How durable is this leather? Is it a smushy type of leather or a box kind of leather?

    I have until the morning to make a decision.
    :heart: Thank you for your input
  2. I think you should wait for the perfect clutch in the perfect leather:yes:
  3. Oh I think it sounds lovely!! I actually think Blue Jean is lovely in Swift, but it really depends on how you intend to use it, and how hard you think you might be on a bag with fairly limited use (since they really are sooo small).

    Swift seems to age OK from what I have seen of other people's bags, but I don't own anything in it, so I can't say with 100% certainty. It is smooshier than box, though, definitely. It's almost like a supersoft and even less structured version of evercalf, if that helps?
  4. I hate these dreaded decisions... why do we always have a time limit? But I would wait for that special birkin, because that's what I would do if I were in your shoes.
  5. Blue Jean is beautiful in Swift! I've heard it's not that fragile.
  6. This is totally my anal opinion. I wouldn't want a clutch with white stitching since you will be handling so much of it. I would wait to put everything towards your SO/Podium and just wait around for a clutch that will make you scream with the glee of certainty the minute you lay eyes on it.
  7. Amamxr, first i have to say, I love love love the Kelly Pochette, so my opinion may not be totally reliable here.
    I don't know enough about Swift leather and don't own anything in it (yet). But really, how much would you be using the KP? I love mine so much but it isn't my daily "workhorse" bag, so I don't mind that it isn't in a scratch-proof leather. (Mine is black evercalf).
    Also, I find that the KP looks great when held by the handle. This keeps the bag more protected from scratches and dirt.
    Finally, I know you didn't ask this in this thread...but I think the KP is a really versatile clutch. It can go dressy or casual. So even though I know you could put the money toward a Birkin later, I still think it's a great little bag to have and if it were my decision, I would go for it.
  8. Oh and one more thing, the KP holds a ton more than it looks.
  9. Swift is pretty smooshy. I love the KP, but don't think I'd choose one in a light color in Swift w/contrast stitching for my purposes so in the end, it boils down to how you want to use the clutch. I'd personally pass and put the funds towards a Birkin.
  10. whoohooo!!! a kelly clutch!!!

    ok, here's my take on it - i saw icechick's parchmein KP up close and personal and boy was it gorgeous!!!!!!! i think it was swift? so maybe she can chime in here...

    but, i will say this: i have a tendency to hold that bag with my hand wrapped around it, b/c i don't like the handle. if you do that too, you might not want to buy that clutch b/c white will probably absorb your hand oils a lot - and show a lot of dirt. i have a white kelly in swift - but it's a 35cm and of course i hold it by the handle but i almost never took her out this summer, not by design, so i can't comment further on that...but next summer, i can.

    LOL but that doesn't help! i know! so i think i'd take blue jean, it is SOOO cute in swift KP!!!!
  11. I love swift. I have a 30cm birkin in turquoise....LOVE it!
  12. I am pretty sure Icechick's KP is parchment Swift.
  13. I would pass and wait for the birkin, only because the kelly offered is not your ideal choice. Put the cash towards the birkin, rest easy next year and see if the ideal clutch turns up later.x
  14. I have the KP in blue jean swift and I love it! Of all my bags, its the only one my fifteen yr old DD really would love to get her clutches on!
    I posted photo's I think in the clutch reference thread. (it also has the white stitching)
    I really enjoy it most in the summer but it can definitely be yr round. I treat it more like an "evening" or dinner bag tho I have carried it while shopping. I think it has held up beautifully and I love the squooshyness.
  15. yes, blue jean swift is sweet sweet!!! can we post a pic for drooling purposes please???