Decisions! Neverfull or Speedy?

Jun 6, 2010
So here's my dilemma...
I already have a Speedy 25 in the mono print, and I'm in love with the Speedy style. To me, it's so classic and keeps me from carrying too much and weighing a bag down (which I wouldn't want to do with a precious LV anyway!), but even when I bought it two years ago, I was debating between a monogram and a damier azur....

Now, I'm thinking I still really would love a bag in damier azur print, and originally I was thinking of the Neverfull, since I already have a Speedy, and since I figure it can carry more, to give my collection more variety...But every time I see an azur speedy, I just die! They're gorgeous, and I kind of really wish I had gotten one instead of the mono, as much as I love it. Anddd...since I heat-stamped my mono speedy, I can't really trade it or anything for like a azur or anything...

So my question to you is.....Damier Azur Neverfull (for something new and different) or Speedy (because it's gorgeous)?



Jan 20, 2011
Seems to me you really want azure speedy, but you need a push purchasing the same style bag in another print. I totally think you should go for it! I have two balenciaga city bags and a few people have asked why I would buy the same bag in another color. They just don't understand. If you love the style and you know you're going to use it...purchase away!


Jan 19, 2006
Oops just re-read your post and saw you have a Speedy 25. So you could get the 30 in Azur.


Aug 21, 2011
we are bag twins!! the first LV i ever purchased was a mono speedy 25. my friend got an azur speedy 30, and it looks gorgeous! every time i see hers i wonder if i should have gotten azur as well? she definitely isn't the type to baby her bags, and i'm impressed that her azur speedy has held up really well over the years!!

my 2nd bag was actually an azur neverfull mm!! i personally love it! my recommendation would be since you already have the speedy style, perhaps a neverfull would be a good choice for variety's sake. the azur print looks good in almost any bag.
Jun 6, 2010
Thanks for all your input!!!! I think a second Speedy might be in order (same size 25, though, since it's the perfect size for me) and then maybe a Neverfull in ebene in the future.... :smile:

After all, I do love Speedies!
Aug 18, 2010
looks like i'm the loner...i have the nf mm in azur and love that bag and definitely recommend it. it sounds like you have already made up your mind tho with the azur speedy. you really can't go wrong either way. both are beautiful in azur :biggrin:


Jun 29, 2010
Get the Azur speedy in 30 or 35... i have been contemplating this too... I have the fleur de jais speedy 30... which I baby but would prefer a bag that I could use daily and not worry so much about.