Decisions-need help on Tahitienne

  1. Hello dears, I appreciate your help again for an upcoming decision: Tomorrow my Tahitienne items will arrive: the mini pochette, the Bandeau, the bag Charm and the Silk Carré. I think this is one of the prettiest collections ever!
    But: I'm also in love with the Stole and will order it, too. Now my "dilemma": The Neverfull flashed me! I already own the Neverfull DA RB which I bought last year. I have worn her since then 3-4 times because I'm afraid to use her without patina. First I thought: buy the Bandeau, the Charm and a shawl from this collection and add them to your NF DA RB and it's ok. But I can't get her out of my mind....
    Then I thought about the Speedy, but 30 is to huge on me. I own the watercolor in this size, but this was my holy grail, my unicorn. Generally the 25 suits me better.
    Also I went back to the NF. And I don't know what to do: sell the NF and get the new one? Or ist it too loud/much going on on this bag? Will it be overwhelming (even with the scarfs)? Still hold my classic NF with Bag Charm and that's the better choice?
    I'm a pink girl and it is no stopper for me to own more pieces of one collection when I love it.

    Thanks for your help!
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  2. I would go with charm and bandoe to make your NF RB more pink. And these you can use on other bags ( you have babylone bb I think).
    And I heard that selling LV in Europe is not getting much back, so just check before you sell. And I also prefer speedy 25, and was sad hearing that thahitiene speedy is 30.
    But whatever you decide, you will Enjoy it. That is the most important.
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  3. Thank you dear! Yes, the Tahitienne Speedy is 30 and I prefer 25.

    My BF said a few minutes ago: Buy the Tahiti NF and keep your other NF, they are so different..... love him!
  4. That is even better idea!!! But you have to use them both, not having one in the dustbag all the time!
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  5. What a great BF! I think you should also just add a charm or another accent piece to the bag you have. What about a mini pochette?
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  6. Yes you should definitely get the mini pochette
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  7. Agree.To me it doesn't make sense to buy another NF, especially when you have the same print. Just add the charm, bandeau, and the mini pochette. Make your own Tahitienne NF. Plus, the DA pattern is more versatile without the pink painting.
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  8. I would stick with your current, more versatile, NF and keep all the accesories. I also love this collection/color combo. I opted to get an azur bag and the Tahitienne pochette. I just couldn't see myselfusing the printed bag as often.
  9. What azur bag did you get? I love the idea of infusing the Tahitenne scheme with another bag. I even started to look at solid rose colored bags but my price range is $2K.
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  10. IMG_1491795404.200461.jpg

    The Delightful! Same color scheme. It all matches quite well.
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  11. Awesome! I was just looking at that one. Hope to see more pics.
  12. If you really want the Tahitiennes NF MM and will use both that and your DA NF, then do consider getting it. :smile: You'll be no different from someone with a mono NF MM and a Ramages or Palm Springs NF MM. Good luck deciding!
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  13. Thanks to all of you! I ordered the mini Pochette and she will arrive today I give it a try to see how my NF looks with the Accessoires
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  14. Awesome! Post some pics when you get her in your hot little hand!
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