Decisions... Need Help Friends:-)

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  1. Looking for some solid advice on my third LV purchace… I think I came to the right place!

    If you had an opportunity to get a mono batignolles vertical GM or DE Saleya MM, what would you get?

    Obviously both preloved, but not sure which way to go?

    I already have a DE speedy 35 and a mono cabas.

    TIA - Have a great day!
  2. Personally I like the mono batignolles vertical GM more of the 2 because I think the bag is more comfortable.
  3. Great point. It looks a bit longer while the saleya looks more round. Was the batignolles replaced by the neverfull? Do you think they are comparable? Still a newbee here :smile:
  4. I like the look of the Batignolles Vertical GM best. The strap look like those on the Totally, bet they are comfortable. I like the way the side are cinched and buckled, it's really pretty.
  5. I don't know if the neverfull replaced it but I think the bags are some what comparable. The neverfull has a bigger opening (which I love). Makes it super easy to get in and out of.
  6. I like the side belts as well :smile:
  7. I believe the Neverfull design was derived from the Batignolles. I have the monogram vertical Batignolles and I love it! It roomy so I can fit my ipad and other things.
  8. Very good choice and so different from what you already have. I choose the batignolles vertical GM. Good luck!!!
  9. I'd get the Saleya
  10. Get the one that is in better condition. I like BV because it seems like a comfy practical bag. But the Saleya is so pretty. I love the saleya :smile:
  11. I still haven't decided, but need to soon, today I hope :smile:

    I love them both, and I go back and forth. I can't seem to figure out how big the bottom on the saleya is. To my surprise, the information out on the internet is really limited on both. Barely any reviews, videos, etc...
  12. The saleya is like new, it looks like it was sitting in a closet for the past few years, lol!
  13. I recently bought a pre loved Saleya MM and have been using is constantly especially for work. It is strong, subtle, comfortable...beautiful bag!
  14. Ooooo, congrats!

    Do you find the base too big? It is comfortable under your shoulder or does it stick out?