Decisions: Michael Kors or Derek Lam

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Which one

  1. Michael Kors

  2. Derek Lam

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  1. I'm going to break my purse ban, maybe not sure yet :shame: It has lasted a whopping 7 months already so I think I deserve a little award :graucho:

    When price is about the same (on sale at NAP) which one would you buy? I greatly appreciate opinions about quality vs price, durability (intended for everyday bag) and timelessness

    I love the look of MK bag but I'm not sure about the color white. Derek Lam is an intriguing design. My heart says Lam but the devil sitting on my shoulder says Kors.

    Michael Kors


    or Derek Lam
  2. follow your heart
  3. I love the Derek Lam hardware, but that Kors bag is beautiful!!
  4. Is there a size difference? The MK bag looks way bigger.. I personally like the style of teh LAM bag better but not if it's a tiny bag - then I would say go for the MK bag. Hope that helps!
  5. I like the look of the Derek Lam!
  6. I would say the lam too but it does look a little small compared ot the kors.
  7. The Kors is beautiful!
  8. I like lam better...
  9. i LOVE the kors!
  10. The Kors looks like a cream color, it's probably more versatile than you might think? While the Lam is very striking, I think it's more of an accent bag than an everyday bag.
  11. Thanks for your input. I am thinking Michael Kors would be a better buy. But maybe I am not just ready to break my purse ban

    I am gonna buy me new choos instead :graucho:
  12. I've read somewhere on this board that a TPF member was really dissapointed with her Derek Lam bag ...
  13. I lke the Lam. I have a Kors that I have had for a couple of years and the hardware totally tarnished & turned a not so attractive color. I take care of my bags & keep them in dust covers so I am not sure what happened. I did try to use a polishing cloth but that didn't help. Just from that experience...I vote for the Lam, not to mention it is totally fierce!
  14. I vote for the Lam! But maybe I'm biased since I just purchased a Lam myself :p
  15. I like the Kors style but not the white color.