Decisions help!!

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  1. Good morning everyone ok so I made my decision I'm getting a jumbo!! I have a shot at a navy caviar with silver hardware or a black caviar with gold hardware I don't really wear gold usually wear white gold so which I like the navy just because it's not plain black but I can't decide!!! Thank you
  2. If you actually want a black bag, then I wouldn't settle for a navy one (unless you prefer navy over black). A black jumbo with shw is not uncommon so you might want to wait for the right color hardware combo. It's a lot of money to be just settling for a second best color.

  3. Ita

    What is your dream combo? It sounds like the black w/GHW is not ideal. I would have said the same thing. But that's what DH bought me for our ten year anniversary - my first chanel. Now I love it! It's the only chanel have with GHW. That navy with SHW sounds beautiful though!
  4. Is this going to be your only Chanel? If so, I'd go with the black and ghw, it's timeless! If not, then go with Navy and shw because it's seasonal. You won't be able to find the exact shade of navy from season to season.
  5. I´d go with the black and GHW. Such a timeless combo for a timeless bag!
  6. Looks like you already have your heart set on navy ( " it's not plain black"). You just have to make sure it will match your wardrobe. GL! Post a pic once you bring it home :smile:
  7. Omg they found me a blck with silver hardware so excited!!!

  8. I can feel excitement!! GL hun!
  9. Getting shipped today
  10. I was having a same dillemma like u but end up choosing the black flap caviar with shw. Altough im wearing yellow jewelleries, i prefer contrast color in terms of fashion. Plus, black with shw is very elegant n looking so posh. Many of the hollywood celebrities also carrying black with shw. The ghw is not for me and it is not easy to match with every color of the attires. And i heard there is a poor quality issue of the ghw and it is easier becoming fade. Black with shw make the cc button more sparkling even in the dark place. But again u have to get what u love.
  11. I hope this will help. I love the contrast look of the yellow gold and the shw on my black flap caviar. If u choose lambskin then ghw is better. Again, u have too choose what u love

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  12. If you wear alot of blues then get the black. If you wear alot of blacks then get the navy. I prefer SHW too because it is more modern and trendy, GHW is too much of a bling.
  13. Navy with shw sounds beautiful, it won't be as common as black.
  14. You have to choose what you love more...I would personally go with the black because i'm bias and It was my first chanel :smile: hehe
  15. Glad you found what you wanted! Don't forget to reveal to us:smile: